How to solve the problem of clothing inventory

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how can we deal with inventory problems? In your first time to deal with, you need to know what is the reason of the inventory, and then to the processing of clothing inventory has an antidote against the disease, several steps need to know a friend, come to understand it!

The first step:

diagnosis of inventory generated

why Diagnostic Inventory in the first place? Because the enterprise’s stock inventory long-standing, but in recent years, more and more, if you deal with the inventory, the old stock has not been dealt with, but the new inventory has exceeded the old stock, it will cause enterprises struggling to cope with. Therefore, to completely deal with inventory, we must first let the stock no longer increase, we must find out the reasons for it. I think there are five main reasons:

1, the quality of raw materials, prices do not pass, resulting in poor product quality, high production costs and other issues;

2, the production quality is not pass, resulting in mass returns;

3, sales forecast is inaccurate, resulting in mass production, but can only sell part of it;

4, product design behind, can not win the market;

5, management is not good, pricing, advertising, supplier selection, supplier management, and so did not grasp, resulting in a variety of reasons for return.

second step: solve

caused by reasons of inventory

1, strict raw materials into the customs. From two aspects: one is to choose the supplier (supplier management can be established, the quality of raw materials with special) as a reference price, supplemented by reference, select the appropriate suppliers, but note that the quality is not up to the requirements of the supplier must not be; on the other hand, to strengthen the supervision and management of procurement clerk, to prevent kickbacks behavior, the purchaser must supervise the purchase of raw material, the detection of multiple departments by the production department, quality inspection department, administrative department, finance department, production department, quality inspection department proposed can not be used, not certain; administrative department, financial department have doubts, to give full attention to. To determine the existence of doubt through various surveys.

2, strict production quality. First, it is necessary to study the problems of products, analysis of the reasons for the raw materials? Production process? Machine? Or technology? If it is raw material, it is necessary to grasp the raw materials, raw materials into the shelf life; if the identification is because of a few procedures is not reasonable, it will improve the process; if it is for the machine, for the repair, repair, not vague; if it is, we must strengthen the training of technicians and production. The elimination of bad technology staff. For the management of production, each work must be done very carefully, to ensure that there is no danger.

3, strengthen sales planning. Sales will vary in different periods, and in different seasons

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