The frypan Korean fried chicken products to give you a special taste

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beer and fried chicken is now many young people China of love, at the same time, with the hit drama, but also led the entire domestic chicken market, there are a lot of fried chicken fried chicken brand, we next to introduce the  frypan to Korean fried chicken products.

ancestors will do Shaoxing chicken in wine chicken, lotus leaf, Baked Chicken, Braised Chicken, Dezhou Style, Xinjiang dapanji…… No invention of fried chicken. KFC is almost a force to change the habits of Chinese people to eat chicken, then, it’s a small partner, McDonald’s, chicken in the Chinese people’s position on the table significantly improved to become a popular diet.

90 first, take advantage of market and industry pioneer double spring, KFC soon became popular in Chinese. This is the era of American fried chicken, excellent dining environment, consistency of product taste, American fried chicken occupies an absolute market advantage.

to the  to frypan as the representative of the Korean fried chicken, ushering in a new era of fried chicken, fried chicken stalls in stores and malls, shops, business area is relatively small, with the casual dining atmosphere features. Its typical practice is that after the deep fried garlic or curry sauce and other spices, unique flavor, a change in the taste of American fried chicken is monotonous, sought after by young people.


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