Ho ho ho ho ho ho entrepreneurial incubator incubator to help entrepreneurs

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Gansu Yumen City business service is in place, the policies to help entrepreneurs, easily a business plan, Small and micro businesses development have more resources, Yumen City Sheng Hao employment and entrepreneurship incubator is more entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial enterprises choice.

"settled in the base of our entrepreneurs,   the base of our management office after passing the examination, can enjoy the enterprise rent for a year to two years rent free concessions.   as of now,   we have more than 50 entrepreneurs exempt from the rent of $about 8000000."   a person in charge of the base said.

for training, guidance, support     have entrepreneurial aspirations and have entrepreneurial capacity of individuals to achieve their own business, October 2013,     Yumen City as   "non-public economic development leader of Yumen Sheng Ho Trading Company,   in the new city built Shenghao employment incubator.

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