Ordinary people generally lack what Entrepreneurship

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and those with very high professional knowledge, compared or have a strong capital base of the people, the people start to be more difficult, because they lack of too many things, let us work together to analyze, see ordinary people generally lack of entrepreneurship, and less of what!

1. can use the venture capital is not a lot, generally is the years of accumulated savings as venture capital, at least 18000, more than 3, 50 thousand of these, for those with money, not what, and even can be said to be "a drop in the bucket", but it is all worth us ordinary people;

2. can use almost no entrepreneurial experience, are generally in the ordinary work hard struggle for many years, because of some special reasons to leave the original jobs, so in addition to their own work experience, relevant business knowledge and experience is almost blank;

3. can use the business contacts is very limited, are generally in line with family unit operation, in addition to the unit colleagues is the home of relatives, what almost no opportunity to meet friends outside, so rely on existing connections is very difficult to get the true effective help and support;

4. can use the handful of entrepreneurial resources, tangible and intangible resources should have a general business before, as ordinary people, are not familiar with the daily life, but to rely on another perspective can be observed, so the only effective resources is difficult to daily accumulation of entrepreneurial success;

5. can use the business backing completely blank, most general contact with how much workers meet workers, clerks met clerk, it is difficult to pick out the platform to make more friends read entrepreneurial executives level planning, to help enterprises, so lead to their own business when, at the crucial moment to seize the opportunities and choices it is difficult to project, the most pertinent opinions and suggestions!

can be said that the ordinary people want to go on the road of entrepreneurship, the difficulties is really a heavy, but as long as there is a belief, in this perplexing society, we can get their help to achieve their business, a space for one person, wealth target!

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