nvestment in the beauty industry should pay attention to factors

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many entrepreneurs understand that great investment value of the beauty industry, have decided to invest in the beauty industry, beauty salons are in effect the location of many factors, these factors should be paid enough attention to it, the city commercial factors, shop location conditions and the shop itself factors are the main factors.

The development of

1, city commercial conditions of the beauty industry, closely linked with the development of society and economy, the per capita income level, the supply of goods, transportation conditions, technical facilities and people’s consumption habits have a direct impact on the consumption concept of beauty salon management. The city conditions mentioned here include:

(1), the type of city shop where the city is industrial city, commercial city, center city, tourist city, historical and cultural city and the new city and medium-sized city and small city.

(2), the basic conditions of water and electricity facilities, such as business must have the city of these factors in the public facilities, will also affect the attractiveness to consumers.

(3), traffic conditions, traffic conditions here refers to the overall traffic conditions of the city in the region.

(4), the city planning refers to the city expansion planning, street development plan, road widening project, high-speed or elevated highway construction plan, regional development planning, which will affect the beauty of the future business environment.

and regional planning often involves the construction of the demolition and reconstruction, beauty salons will lose the original position, even in the face of demolition. With some beauty salons site of city and regional planning to do the necessary understanding, the front of the salon opened due to road widening, the original parking lot parking was canceled, the disappearance of many old customers who drive disappeared.

(5), commercial economic area economic growth area, commercial development in different regions and different types of direction, economic growth mode.

(6), the target customer factors including population, income, family composition, distribution of leisure time, the beauty of the frequency, consumption habits, consumption level, preference etc..

(7), the main influence factors of floating population the number of pedestrians, tourists and other types of.

(8), the technical level of labor factors include the source of the local labor force, age and individual availability considerations

it analyzes some factors of investment should pay attention to the beauty industry, there are many factors if you want to invest in the beauty industry if you want attention, you can pay attention to according to the actual situation.

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