What should we pay attention to open milk tea shop

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if you start now, what would you choose to do? Do you have a clear goal in mind? Do you want to start your own business? Can’t you find a startup? Now, there’s a good chance for you…… Open a milk tea shop, you want to open the store needs to pay attention to the success of a lot of things, during which the staff, skills, but also have the characteristics to attract customers, etc.. However, you want to successfully open a tea shop, naturally there are a lot of attention. So, open milk tea shop to pay attention to what?


open milk tea shop, the staff is very important, they are directly facing customers, behavior will affect the customer’s image of the tea shop, and to a certain extent, whether they will come back to consume. So the boss should take the lead, some rules of the store, so the boss asked to strictly abide by the rules and regulations of the store staff.

milk tea skills

do not underestimate the tea skills, although it is relatively simple, but you really want to know how to make milk tea or demand system learning. The use of these devices may purchase equipment when you can learn from the manufacturers or vendors, but how modulation but not tea, you can learn to do some goods, but you do not develop their own goods and ensure the taste of tea. The taste of milk tea will determine whether you have repeat customers, in order to have more repeat customers, you have to work hard in this regard. Of course, you do not do the development of goods, you just open a shop, in order to save the best pick. Union, tea not only in the system when joining the training, the latter will be lasting and join the exchange.

create feature

tea industry unpopular must be competitors, there are so many tea shops on the street, what consumers into your shop? Thus, you need to have their own characteristics of tea shops, this feature must be no other tea shop, and consumer demand, so as to attract consumers. Adhere to adhere to the guidelines for the development of tea products to ensure the healthy and delicious tea. Because of the media coverage, we drink milk tea more or less will have some concerns, milk tea to join healthy drinks so that you do not worry.

document processing

a variety of document processing is essential, the document did not do all the people to check the impact of the store business. Don’t lose. Business needs to deal with the business license, tax registration certificate, cleaning license were in the local trade and Industry Bureau, the Inland Revenue Department, cleaning station. Processing prices vary from place to place, please go to the general address to understand. In addition to these three cards, but also for the store staff to deal with health certificate. Many people will ignore

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