What are the preparatory work of maternal and child supplies store

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maternal and child supplies store to open the market outlook is very good, businesses are concerned about the business opportunities in this industry is a matter of course. Want to invest, you can achieve to understand the shop. In particular, novice investors, ready to work will provide the success rate of shops, and quickly learn together with the small bar.

a production operation plan and financial budget funds allocation

a) decoration budget door, indoor wall, floor, lamps, shelves and other


b) equipment budget (computer, fax machine, POS machine)

c) pre purchase budget

two determines the operating mode of

1. site selection: to the hospital entrance or opposite to the main two types of streets and communities as a supplement to

2. select suppliers: to complete the product as the first element, as far as possible to achieve a one-stop into the whole, because the replenishment system is very troublesome thing.

3. to determine the purchase plan: This is a key to the success of the shop, only the purchase of good into the good may sell well, if you can not determine, you can refer to the baby supplies network investment reference.

3. to determine the price: do not seek a lower than peers, at least to keep up with competitors, or an opening in the consumer price caused by the impact of the price before you can do a survey.

Preparation of

1. storefront decoration, shelf production window production. Access channels are: online, local physical stores, baby supplies network

2. baby supplies knowledge training: to provide consumers with child care knowledge.

3. do business license and related documents. (industry and commerce, taxation, health inspection)

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