Open jewelry shop easy to make money several marketing methods

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now many people look at the small and medium commodity market investment opportunities, want to do jewelry store business. But for a novice entrepreneurship, in the absence of operating circumstances, if you do not want to do to join the business, self-employed shop, to open a profitable jewelry store is going to spend a lot of energy, to open a jewelry store, how to make easy money? Take a variety of marketing methods:

jewelry store marketing method: experience marketing method: please customers to adorn article collocation, and the optimal collocation award, shops and its service to deepen the impression in the subconscious, so as to expand the brand and services of the public awareness.

jewelry shop marketing method two: club membership: to recruit members of the club in the form of the development of the customer, and can lock a relatively fixed customer base.

jewelry shop marketing method three: members of mutual benefit activities: the return of the old members, to attract more new members, new and old customers can enjoy the corresponding preferential, create new customers continuous miracle.

jewelry shop marketing method four: circulation service system: to do a good job of customer service, and can provide value-added services, to win a wide range of social support, and win the business reputation is to win the beginning of wealth.

jewelry shop marketing method five: organization and Management Law: can use good geographical relations and a variety of advantages of resources, take the initiative to expand the influence, create brilliant success. The joint operation method: can and the nearby cafes, cinemas, cafes and other has the common customer base of business organization form pool, such as buy a specified accessories will probably get a movie ticket or 2 hours card.

in addition, proposed to open the online shop on for online marketing, after all we are doing business, earn enough to earn more, eBay is now charging system, is free of charge; always pay attention to trends, recommend the magazine for the Chinese jewelry network published "fashion accessories", published in Shanghai "Chinese and foreign" fashion jewelry, fashion jewelry, "" relative "Chinese and foreign fashion jewelry" readable, but not practical, because this is basically a luxury, of course for the general jewelry shop owner, to understand some of the luxury goods market in line or


is the most popular Korean jewelry, we specially put forward in recent years, with the popularity of South Korea jewelry Korea movie and cartoon and clothing and a good sales, South Korea jewelry made in Qingdao, Qingdao is South Korea manufacturers generally do not easily show their new products, especially South Korean companies, security coefficient high, you will find at the annual world Qingdao "fashion accessories", exhibitors are basically China manufacturers, and the majority of visitors is South Korean manufacturers, for the purpose of collecting data. So, or purchase in Yiwu is relatively good, many manufacturers in Yiwu is directly to OEM, that is to say they "

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