mported infant milk powder ten brands list

Chinese milk again and again the problem, so that many parents have no longer believe in Chinese baby milk powder, so the purchase of imported baby milk powder has become a lot of parents choose. Of course, even the import of milk powder, but also need to look for a better brand awareness, so that you can give the baby a better need. Therefore, let’s make a small series of secret import of infant formula for the top ten brands, so that more consumers can choose a better reference.

imports of infant formula ten brands NO.1, Wyeth:

"Wyeth" infant formula brands belonging to one of the top 500 companies, is the world’s largest research-based pharmaceutical and health care products company, Pfizer Inc, in mid 80s to enter the Chinese. Wyeth has been committed to the research and development of infant nutrition, there are ten brands of milk powder, the global top 500 companies, industry leading brands and other titles.

imported baby formula ten brands list NO.2, Mead Johnson – an infant:

Mead – an "baby baby milk powder brand belonging to the Bristol Myers Squibb Company, is a leader in the field of infant nutrition, honors:" ten milk brand "," ten big brands of baby milk powder, infant nutrition brand leadership "," industry leading brand ", is one of the large multinational enterprises the production of food in the world.

imported infant milk powder ten brands NO.3, Meiji:

Meiji infant milk powder brands under the Meiji dairy company in Japan, even in Japan for more than 30 years of sales, sales of milk powder in the Japanese market to occupy the first place. Meiji dairy trade (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was established in china. "Ten major brands of infant milk powder", "the top ten infant milk powder brand", the brand name of Japan Meiji dairy co..

imports of infant formula ten brand NO.4, Ausnutria:

"Ausnutria" infant milk powder brand is owned by Ausnutria Dairy Co., Ltd., Australia’s largest milk producing area. Australia, the world’s leading quality of trust and leading nutritional formula, China’s leading infant milk powder market. "Famous brand", "ten infant milk powder brand", "the top ten foreign brands of infant milk powder", "Australian famous brand".

imports of infant formula ten brands NO.5, Abbott:


Abbott infant milk powder brand under the United States, the largest medical nutrition and tube feeding equipment manufacturer Abbott Company, founded in 1998 in Shanghai Abbott