See how the flowers box in the circle of sudden emergence

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now the flower market is excellent, with many popular venture projects and flowers can not get away, in fact, flowers industry potential is not small, as long as you have a good business to create new wealth territory, do not worry about business.

the flower world this year out of two, the strength of the brand, the fan and the fan Fauvism act roseonly.

Fauvism by birth story emotional appeal, smooth the send flowers people packed into art fan; roseonly is more, through the "life sent a" micro-blog marketing, will be transformed into flowers this behavior on the expression of emotional loyalty degree.

flower market only this play? Match bin apparently do not think so! As the circle is recognized by the Yunnan man did the nouveau riche, tobacco, real estate investment, playing a variety of mine. China commercial road well versed in the traditional code of conduct. As a successful businessman, he chose to create a retail brand from scratch.


Xian flower box close to the box specifically placed a vase, and through the purchase of storage technology, the domestic flower will last more than a week, at least 10 days or more import. The flowers from the base to the consumer, you open the box to ensure the fairy flowers, flowers and has just opened his eyes, 100% fresh;

modern people tend to forget the anniversary, fairy flower box adopts the network order, always remember at any time set, SF express, basically 24 hours served, no longer afraid of wife angry!

Xian flower box omits many intermediate links, for ordinary people, even the two or three line of the city’s individual consumers as the goal, to enter the online flower market low price of tens of dollars, even in the Valentine’s day this festival will not rise. Ordinary cock wire can also afford.


flower box and QQ space signed an entity authorized by custom gifts of flowers, QQ space can buy 29 yuan SF postage of the flower box. For most office white-collar workers, just a little bit, very convenient.



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