Shop sellers which taboos

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now select the network business of investors is more and more, perhaps the products quality is poor, the price is not very expensive, but the business has always been lackluster, is not the network seller violated the taboo in the invisible? So, shop sellers have what taboo?

1, avoid consulting buyers do not reply. Should reply to 2-4 hours, can eliminating confusion.

2, shop sellers have what taboo? Avoid description of the goods and the reality does not match, should be honest.

3, avoid contact with the buyer after the letter. Should first EMAIL contact or telephone contact, get the trust of the other party. Even if a little late delivery buyers will not hold the fear of being fooled, the first impression is the basis for future cooperation.

4, shop sellers have what taboo? Avoid buyer phone. Even if the phone costs soaring, do not give buyers leave an impression to do the best appearing nervous in public, a cost-effective mobile phone charges.

5, do not fill in the false name, because the mail City, will give people The case is entirely cleared., such as choking in the throat discomfort.

6, shop sellers have what taboo? Regardless of the price difference in the division. But it should be measured for extra purchases, even more than one yuan of money should be returned to the buyers.

some taboos in general people may be a little little about a major issue suspicion, however, now open the door to do business, competition is very fierce, if not pay attention to the taboo, has a very large impact on their own shop business will. So, if you want to successfully open a shop, the above 6 taboos also need to pay attention to.