The 330 million cast money to be wayward city

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The transformation of Guo Jingming from the film director

novelist to be successful, recently, the "city" into a TV remake of the works, whether it is cast, and the special effects are very large, – cost $330 million, let netizens emotion, more people look forward to.

recently, adapted from Guo Jingming’s novel of the same name, produced by Yao off the media, and not directed, Shen Zhining screenwriter, William Feng, Victoria Song, Ma Tianyu, Zhang Meng, Kim Hee Sun starring costume fantasy blockbuster IP "-" declared up smoothly.

"-" as a department already has a strong fan base of super IP, TV has attracted much attention in the official before the shooting. The number of lead in the micro-blog sun shine after fixing, as "Ice Prince" William Feng Castle finally released as fixing, and declared a "-" the whole group "work together".

in order to deliver on the audience’s promise, William Feng became "left behind", has been in the studio to fight to the end, in the other star after fixing micro-blog said with a smile: "the first group, the last to leave," – "has been shot for five months, all the actors are finished. Even the horse finished, but I still take".

it is reported that TV series "-" the $330 million production cost, invited nearly 300 actors involved in the shooting, the group played doubles and reached 30000 passengers, 7 aircraft 4K Amy pulled in 8 arri studio covers an area of 19000 ordinary meters, and 12 location shooting scene 1950. The use of green screen of 45000 square meters, 500 tons of artificial snow making weapons, 937 pieces, 1370 pieces of clothing, props cost staff 2400 hours working on.


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