Small sushi shop location proposal

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investment small sushi shop requires only a small amount of money for small entrepreneurs to invest. If you are a novice, the location is not very clear, you can learn a lot of successful experience, master more site skills, more helpful for their own business.

1, small sushi shop location elements: crowd

The crowds and traffic statistics


must know where to go to the shop through the crowd, and to determine whether the target consumers, for example, generally breakfast shop to open in the office when you walk through the place, the video store is open on the way home, management of goods is not the same as the natural target. In the pre location area statistics morning afternoon and evening in different periods and the number of people flow into nearby peers store, analyze the details of various people, and there will be many investigations and collect out the result, in order to know the distribution location of neighbor joining the tide really.

2, small sushi shop location elements: environment

To solve the environmental problem of the problem after the

3, small sushi shop location elements: Shop recruit

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