The development of home building materials supermarket chain business model

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home building materials supermarket chain development prospects are very good, mainly because of the huge market demand. Traditional business model still adapt to the modern development of the market? Many franchisees want to get a clear answer. Open the building materials store stalls system to choose this way to promote it? Let’s take a look.

These characteristics lead to

Third, the basic characteristics of city building materials business street, the whole street is composed of operating lamps, kitchenware, bathroom, furniture, flooring, tiles, paint, hardware and other types of independent shops or several building materials market, is a collection of shops, city; commodity structure to mid-range and low-end, both as the main supplement high grade. City building materials business more obvious advantages, such as flexible and convenient for consumers to bargain price; retail, wholesale, and flexible promotion and complete product categories to attract consumers, can basically meet the customer selection and purchase a full request, is the people’s place.

format is under the condition of market economy, the leading form of operation of the modern building materials enterprises, in accordance with the service object, business scope, Business Hours, different pricing principles for business form division and management. Market layout is based on the target customer segments, with different operating characteristics of the pattern.

The essential difference between the recommended

format and Industry