The rural farming project as the most profitable in the whole network

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many rural people are looking for ways to get rich, but less money, I do not know what to join the project can not only invest less risk. Today the whole network Xiaobian recommended several rural areas the most profitable farming project to everyone, I hope everyone can help to get rich.


breeding of Cordyceps militarisThere are many

Hongyu profit model to join North Cordyceps breeding at present, cultivated Cordyceps Hongyu can be divided into three categories: one category is used wheat medium cultivated Cordyceps sinensis; one is the millet medium cultivated Cordyceps sinensis; the third category is "body dry and fresh silkworm Cordyceps. Cultivated silkworm, pupa and pupa, and one of the grass grass".

currently the highest yield breeding of Cordyceps militaris Hongyu model is the sale of Cordyceps Cordyceps production — will sell directly to the vegetable market and hotel catering industry. With a minimum of 3 production cycles, Hongyu rice Cordyceps profit of about 60 thousand yuan, and the profit of Cordyceps militaris is above 240 thousand, the profit is only according to our minimum purchase price calculation, if the manufacturer sold at the market price is higher than the profit (c.militarris benefit will reach about 600000).


Many kinds of

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