College students become partners in the venture partner into the myth of the achievements of million

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people think that young people are suffering, fear in the face of failure, in fact, many young entrepreneurs use their own experience to tell people to work hard like 80, 90, prop up the entrepreneurial market one day.

. Chen Du and university graduates this year, many students are upset when looking for a job, they have to open up career: occupation of farmers. They contracted 1.5 acres of organic cultivation shed, a year down the harvest is expected to reach $1 million.

everyone says this year is the most difficult year of employment, many graduates will reduce the salary standard, in order to find a job. Have the same distress Chen inadvertently learned in a beauty website, the original company and Huanong provide entrepreneurial opportunities for cooperation, can college students. College students as long as after six months of study, you can grasp the top organic farming law from Australia, and through network marketing, family farm lease, planting high-yield species and other channels to make money.

after all this stuff is fresh, the family began to have a lot of fear. When the time came to inspect the ecological park, see students in Huanong when farmers, it has further strengthened my confidence." Chen said, so he discussed with both parents, each 50 thousand yuan, in March this year, with a contract of $1.5 to a $100 thousand shed.

10 million starting funds will be able to return to this year

the problem again. A pre operating costs may be about to invest about 500 thousand yuan, for a newly graduated college students, is undoubtedly an astronomical figure. At that time the heart of the doubt out, get the company’s response, the company not only to give him 5000 yuan a month wages, pre investment to help out of the money, according to the proportion of the money invested." Chen said, this can be a girlfriend and a modern farmer.

The first half of the time at the beginning of the

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