How college students venture 90 million a month to open Sushi

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the current employment situation is not good, so a lot of vision of college students will not graduate when they began to do part-time or self-employed. How do college students start their own business? 90 opened sushi million a month, how does he start? Let’s take a look.

clear positioning opportunity;

Wang Qi called the big sushi, a top school in jinjiaomen after edge. "I never went to a job fair, and I didn’t want to get a job." Less than 23 years old, as early as in the second year, Wang Qi has started as a boss. Today, two years of business operations in the small circle of students.

2011 summer vacation, Wang Qi to Xi’an tourism, at the entrance to the Shaanxi Normal University to see a couple with a cart to sell sushi, people buy a dozen meters. He also lined up to buy a box, taste good, and cheap, more suitable for students. "Our school has not sold sushi, if open a sushi shop, business should be good." Wang Qi thought.

Coachability   analysis of customer

for more customers, every time Wang Qi sold sushi, very sincerely please advise on his sushi, give advice on classmates please free to eat sushi. At the same time, his sushi guaranteed weight, the price set at 6 yuan ~13 yuan a

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