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many people like hot pot, some investors spotted business opportunities, decided to do hot pot business, business, need to choose the right way and method. So the most important thing is how to open the hot pot shop site, then open the hot pot shop location principle?

principle of an understanding of the regional factors Hot pot store location:

The comprehensive factors of location

1, to determine the service object. To identify their own service objects and their own business types of hot pot. To combine the location of the hot pot restaurant, to determine the appropriate facilities and equipment, and then choose their own operating grades, in determining the varieties of hot pot; 2, to implement the principle of proximity. In other words, to facilitate traffic, so that the customer is easy to say anything.

3, to the environment in place. To allow the formation of the scale of the operation of the hot pot while promoting their own comprehensive package,. External environment to form a climate, hot pot restaurants to other food and beverage to operate, such as catering street, hot pot city, combined with a variety of operations, the formation of economies of scale; principle three, layout is very important:

start to good location, good location is undoubtedly conducive to entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial good location, more profit efficiency, analysis of the location of the above principles, you should understand.


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