Pension merger announced the implementation of the merger

China is currently ahead into an aging society, the pension problem of the whole society in the new period is put in a lot of people’s eyes, now in order to solve a social problem that, everywhere began announced the merger of the pension scheme.

with institutions to complete the basic wage adjustment, pension merger has officially entered a substantive stage. At present, Shandong, Shanghai and other regions have announced the implementation of the views of the local pension merger and approach, a clear basis for individual wage base.

because of endowment insurance reform of the institutions and the wage system to proceed, in part to work late, junior staff, increase the wage is not enough to fully compensate for the individual old-age insurance payment, "not to pay" phenomenon. In this regard, the authorities have taken measures to ensure that all people have to pay pension insurance after the current wage increases.

in January this year, the State Council issued the "on the reform of endowment insurance system in Institutions of staff", requiring all localities and departments should formulate specific implementation opinions and measures in accordance with this decision, reported the Ministry of human resources and social security, the Ministry of Finance for the record after the implementation of".

decision of the State Council on the endowment insurance system reform of staff notice", defined the relevant schedule requirements reported throughout the program in the "before the end of May this year. Now the deadline has passed, the reporter noted that Shandong, Sichuan, Shanghai, Jiangsu and other places have announced a specific implementation of the views and methods.


7 31 April, Jiangsu Province issued the "opinions" of Jiangsu provincial government on the reform of endowment insurance system in Institutions of staff; in July 15th, Shanghai issued "the implementation of the" measures for the implementation of the State Council on the reform of endowment insurance system in Institutions of staff decided. ". In the previous March, Sichuan has also introduced relevant views.

The main contents of the implementation of the views of

"local" version of the provisions and the "national edition" is consistent, namely: from October 1, 2014 onwards, establishment of the enterprise workers the same unit and individual endowment insurance system in institutions, all institutions are in accordance with the payment of 20% on the basis of the total wages, according to his personal payment 8% of the salary payment.

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