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hot food and beverage industry, but also brought more intense competition in the food and beverage industry market segments. In recent years, with the growing number of communities and mature, community food and beverage quickly grow up. At the same time, how to better manage the community dining has become a lot of people are more concerned about the issue.

1, positioning enough quasi

community catering mainly for the residents living in the community services, which is different from the commercial and tourist areas in the restaurant. Customers come to dinner, to be affordable, so the price should be particularly reasonable, so as to have enough charm to attract residents from home.

at present, the average per capita consumption of community food remained at around 30 yuan, which is the most acceptable price for most customers. In addition, in the minds of the people, serving dishes is also affordable synonyms, and if the serving dishes, guests can order some dishes even less, eat also can pack up and go home, feeling very cost-effective.

2, dishes enough home

said that the choice of community food dishes, naturally inseparable from its own positioning, to be based on home cooking.

community catering is to meet the community residents daily dining and simple friends, so, at the beginning of the shop, the restaurant operator community should be taken into account, which can let the guests eat every day food not greasy, which requires the community catering chefs seek highlights from ordinary home cooking.

even a plain like "Kung Pao Chicken" that every family will do the simple dishes, also want to build it as a classic dish, let customers eat a hundred tire, just blunt dishes will be frequented by community restaurants.

3, serve enough fast

just mentioned that the community dining is different from the restaurant in the business district, where customers come straight to eat, no conversation and entertainment. In this case, the community food serving speed must be fast, is the best dish in 5 minutes on the table, hot dishes as possible in 15 minutes on the table.

must not let the guests urge vegetables, which requires the kitchen to be well prepared, as far as possible to shorten the interval order and serve. In fact, serving enough fast can also improve the restaurant turnover rate.

4, service enough hot

although the basic purpose of all food and beverage services are hospitality enthusiasm, but the community should be higher demand for food and beverage, community catering needs to make the guests from the moment the door, there is a feeling of home.


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