What are the environmental protection industry investment projects

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environmental protection has now started to become a theme of the times, at the same time, there are a lot of people have a sense of environmental protection, the whole society, a lot of environmentally friendly products began to appear, then, as investors should be how to choose a suitable investment in environmental protection projects.

now with the deterioration of the environment, the climate becomes more and more extreme, people began to pursue a green and healthy way of life, environmental protection also has never been like this attention, how can environmental protection and make money? Here are 3 green ideas.

knowledge required: hotel management, sustainable development

start time:


special challenges: Decoration investment, hard work


knowledge required: financial / business experience and contacts

start time:


special challenge: to find reliable enterprise competitive

emerging environmental entrepreneurs have a grand vision, but often lack of funds. Environmental finance brokers and environmental entrepreneurs to help them get from venture capitalists, banks, angel investors, all kinds of subsidies and public sector funds. You can bridge the big business and entrepreneurs who have enough money to invest in new business ideas, or develop a peer-to-peer platform that helps lenders and borrowers communicate directly. For example, in the Prosper.Com website, the borrower announced his credit record, indicating the purpose of the loan; the lender is based on the material provided by the borrower to estimate the risk, and then determine the loan interest rate. To be successful, you must have a large network of people to provide a wide range of recommendations

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