How to explore your strengths and make a profitable website

many webmaster friends in the website for how to make money and distress, in the end what kind of website can make money?. The answer is very simple, only with their own advantages to do the website, make money more easily, I have a good friend, he told me that time is here, we all together to study how to affiliate cheating, how to do garbage flows.

, a year ago, he told me he didn’t want to be a garbage collector, wanted to be a regular website, and wanted to be a website that could be a real career. In the twinkling of an eye, one year later, I met my friend on QQ the other day. I asked him what he had done. He sent me a web site. I opened it. It was a wholesale package website. read more

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The development model to see a local community website Hualong Lane

local community website, is the public leisure life, sharing and communication platform, as long as the community has enough life information, good communication environment, sharing resources, many people will fall in love with this linger, community, community became regulars. How to do this, you will see The Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea recount.

Changzhou long lane is consumer professional media set consumption, information, life as a whole, with high visibility in the local. Citizens are happy to share information and communicate with each other harmoniously. Hualong Lane Community from the end of 05 operators so far, operation time is relatively long, but Changzhou has become the largest consumer portal, a lot of model worthy of reference. This paper at long lane is how to do today. read more

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Don’t let the list of members of the forum reveal your business secrets

vjia launched a new website VANCL, when friends chatted with attention, at the same time we also found a forum. BBS is a good thing, you can gather popularity, online communication, activities, promotions, or members to share, communicate, and more likely to know the feedback of members. But don’t let your forum membership list reveal your business secrets. Look at the picture,

see from the picture, VANCL forum is very hot, posting daily users up to more than 1500. At the same time, we also found that his list of members is clearly listed, and try to click it, without registration, you can see. read more

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Original writing search oriented adhere to quality optimization Youdao

although search engines are constantly optimizing algorithms, with a view to more accurate judgment of website quality, enhance user experience. However, no matter how the search engine changes, how to make people think uncertain, high-quality content without exception, more and more attention. Early general master will optimize the essence of "content is king, the link for the emperor" eight words, and content, especially high-quality content (even if it is copied and reproduced), the one and only original content, more and more the favour of search engine. Search engines give original and high-quality content rich sites, giving high weight, on the one hand is in line with the user experience, because users look forward to more valuable information. On the other hand, it has also played an exemplary role, so that many sites follow the example, together to enhance the quality of the site and deliver value and make unremitting efforts. Professional website construction company pilotage science and Technology ( believes that the original writing both to convey value, but also for the search. Because the user is fundamental, so we have to pay attention to the quality of writing, and optimization is the way, in order to make the value more quickly and more fully display experience, so we can not ignore. read more

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ndustry recruitment website get the first advertising revenue experience sharing

was so happy that the website online for more than a year, finally got the customer once put in a year of advertising, and this pen advertising revenue than Google advertising revenue, which makes me more and more confident on my website.

time should begin from 2008 just graduated, had just graduated, looking for work all over the major Guangzhou talent market, daily work is crazy resume, and even went to Dongguan to interview cheated Mobile Phone Wallet robbed, now in retrospect all fear, record their job to do that from bit by bit, the hope can give his work summary, also hope to be able to give to people looking for a job or to be stationmaster people a little help. read more

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nteractive Encyclopedia American wiki model can succeed in China

1995, Vicky (wiki) technology founder of American Ward · Canin is developed based on Web was developed on the basis of Wiki technology, then, the father of Jimmy Welsh · wiki; the Wiki technology from the laboratory to the Internet, creating the world’s first website, Wikipedia encyclopedia. The so-called wiki is an open, multi player collaborative platform for writing, and any user who logs in can publish his or her opinions on some aspect. At present, Wikipedia encyclopedia website ranked seventh on the global website, has 13 million entries, the total registered users has exceeded 19 million. Wikipedia has become an online encyclopedia of American learning and life. read more

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P can access Baidu related websites

January 12, 2010, Tuesday, for many Chinese, it’s just a very ordinary day. However, for the world of Baidu search users speaking, but it is a very sad day: this day, the hearts of their information library, domain name can not access.

because DNS parsing changes will take some time to implement, and therefore can not access Baidu users can temporarily use the IP address direct access:

Baidu home page: http://s.


Baidu Post Bar: http://s. read more

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Airbnb counter attack how to sell from one cereal to the biggest hotel in the world

Abstract: in 7 years, Airbnb, a small company that no one wants to invest in, grew into an entrepreneur with a valuation of $25 billion 500 million.

raised $1 billion 500 million, the company’s valuation of $25 billion 500 million, after the end of the month in the latest round of financing, Airbnb growth for the world’s third largest companies, after Uber and millet.

today, the online rental service has moved into 40 thousand cities in 160 countries, with more than 1 million rooms. This number exceeds any of the global hotel chains including Marriott, Hilton, starwood. read more

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Dai Renguang Baidu search Certification micro blog = quick access to traffic

not long ago, Baidu integrated micro-blog search results, cooperation from Tencent, micro-blog, NetEase, micro-blog, Sohu, micro-blog three, Sina, micro-blog is not inside, Sina launched micro-blog search alone. But when it comes to search, Sina micro-blog search than Baidu search, but also a drop in the bucket. Yesterday, one of my unintended actions, I found a "Baidu search + Certification micro-blog" the latest SEO operation, this SEO operation may not be too long-term, but later may be a new model of promotion. Because someone has done experiments before, said micro-blog in the chain is also the search engine also play the effect, search engine also said, will increasingly value social media outside the chain. But today, this sharing will tell the search and micro-blog another integration model, not just the outside chain, but direct traffic benefits. read more

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My first love with GGAD

time is 3 p.m., the application for N times GGAD finally passed, and they also began to hang AD road. Remember, often told my friends that they never do AD, I feel that this road will not go very long, of course, just personal feeling, there are also living at home and abroad GGAD years of people.

and AD do not say, I enjoy this process, using GGAD to test my recent research user experience, such as advertising position, the user’s focus point in what position, AD can be well reflected, has many times to back their hits, 4% hits, is not very high. The feeling is ideal, of course, thanks to the teachings of the AD elders in the group. I always feel fresh when trying new experiences. Just like a lover’s first love, one feels the new feeling of jumping. read more

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There is no need for mother and child websites to fire up

recently, the cradle network has become IT news hot spot, it seems a bit sudden, but in fact it is a matter of course. But I think, cradle network reputation, not only because it is the first domestic maternal parenting vertical sites, and won the "2008 top commercial website parenting class first, China venture capital value list the most potential top 50 enterprises" and "Red Herring 100 Asia (red herring fish Asian top 100)" a series of awards, but it has expanded Internet innovation, creating a new business model. read more

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The success of marketing strategy for education and training portal

With the rapid development of

society, the burden of population is gradually increasing, competition can be described as white hot, and the social demands for our own skills are getting higher and higher. Modern people can not be satisfied with the knowledge learned in school, instead, they are more interested in vocational skills and knowledge, and various skills training institutions have developed rapidly. How to keep your training team ahead of you is critical and the easiest thing to judge. If you want to stand out, the traditional marketing channels can not meet the demand, we must dig more new, more attractive to the eye of the new road. read more

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Since the media and how to break the operation of the bureau This little map tells us the answer

today, the new media, entrepreneurship, dissemination of the show of thinking, change and confusion, even more than before.


world is different from the social network in its early stages. In the past, as long as the opening of accounts, serious things, you will get good results – countless users and eyes, attention, waiting for you or businesses to provide services, content, naturally nowhere to go. But today, the cost of getting fans and the sharp rise in browsing costs have long been a metaphor for gameplay. read more

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Stationmaster do not touch edge ball for society also for oneself

ask what most webmaster do website easy to flow the fastest, the most money? I will answer as beautiful pictures class, there may be a webmaster to quietly tell you: you can play the edge ball, is not illegal, but also can make money. In the end what is playing edge ball? National laws and regulations expressly prohibit the establishment of pornographic content related sites. This kind of station flow is very high, make money quickly, without doubt, but it violates the law, endanger the society, stationmaster absolutely can not do. The state has increased efforts to crack down on pornographic websites, from the Ministry of installed Green Dam Youth Escort software to CCTV exposure Google to the Ministry of health Web site is strictly prohibited to carry out scientific research in the name of dissemination of pornographic content. The country is determined to cure pornography on the internet. Therefore, most of the webmaster also know that pornography station can not do, but not lucky, if caught, light fines, heavy sentences. But can not help the temptation to flow, so many webmasters chose to use legal sites to touch the ball. The edge ball, as the name implies, between violations and violations, might just use explicit text and picture exposure to attract Internet users, but it is difficult to define as pornography, "partly veiled" by using a variety of "soft porn" content to attract traffic. read more

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Site status analysis of profit model and new ideas of profit big secret

because of the simple production of the website, the profit model is clear and the profit is rich. Nowadays, it has become the number one flagship in many webmaster’s hands. I happen to be working with my friend as a navigation station project at this time, and now I have 10W IP. I am so happy to have some luck with the website profit model and share it with you here.

as we all know, the site of the current common market profit methods generally can be roughly divided into the following three: read more

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