The unfamiliar street CEO Tang Yan 23 years old to 35 year old ruffian 2 billion CEOWant to be a mo

more distant, unfamiliar street at the entrance to the company, next to the blue Logo, there is a vertical one high, with the background user data LED large screen, the screen shows the number of registered users of unfamiliar street. In February this year, unfamiliar street has entered the 100 million user club. Three years ago, a small company with a registered capital of just 1 million 111 thousand and 100 was now valued at over $2 billion in anecdotal rumours.

1, ambitious, love fantasy.

Huang Zhangjin, founder and friend of the read more

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Electricity supplier entrepreneurship misunderstanding there may not be sales flowTen firms that cre

here’s an example of marketing. Line zero >

ten created the successful company

if you master this skill, you will get the following benefits:

· you will learn to hold on to

A successful

· you will learn to get along with others,

if you understand "sales" as an explanation of the logic and benefits of a decision, then everyone needs it. Because you need to convince others to agree with your ideas and make the boss and the investor think the project is rewarding, you also need to let your employees understand the importance of a new workflow. Therefore, the essence of sales is communication skills. read more

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sh419 theme promotion product upgrades two highlights function Qi lineFor entrepreneurs to wake up


if this advertisement suits you, please go to union official address: http://s.union.sh419

sh419 alliance development from

wants to join the Admin5 League channel, please contact


‘s alternate content for promoting collaboration as a theme?

first let you know the domestic league dynamics,

sh419 theme promotion products were upgraded in January 24, 2008.


allows users to abandon competing products, choose you, irreplaceable is very important,

we welcome members of the alliance to offer your valuable comments and suggestions after experiencing the theme and promoting new features. Send mail to union2@sh419. read more

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Learning and quick action are the core capabilities of entrepreneurship in the nternet AgeHow to qu

second, the Internet industry is a market competition in line with the trend of fair competition, the Internet is an index of resources, index competition.


there is a huge difference, the traditional production management process: planning, organization, leadership, control, its characteristics are: first, after the task; process management; precise control. = Internet product management process: objectives, discovery, commissioning, management. Its characteristics are: first task, >

The production management process of production management process and the traditional enterprise Internet read more

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Capital winter liquidity crisis PO acceleration three new board opened back group model red enve

has summed up several key factors, such as: the stock market crash, the winter capital, liquidity crisis, IPO acceleration etc.. Such a reason sounds reasonable, but can not explain why the A shares next door has been a topic of continuous, vibrant IPO non-stop, beautiful 50 show awe inspiring. To explain why the Nasdaq stock market 80% stocks are zombie shares, do not affect its status as a global.

Compared to

three new board with no exception whatsoever. Now, not only did not grab red people eat melon, downhearted quietly diving; the influx of people, Mack daddy, thinkers are melancholy, have retired group. According to statistics, as of the end of June this year, nearly 200 enterprises from the new three board delisting. read more

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The true story of webmaster site promotion grease products monthly income of 500 thousand aB round o

so, take this opportunity, the sea Amoy paradise also got A round of financing. "I was in June last year to join the Amoy paradise, served as CTO. As for the exact amount of financing, the boss spoke to our top executive about 15 million."

"B wheels didn’t melt into the money, and the capital chain was completely broken."."

according to the sea Amoy paradise employees introduced, the earliest cut is Xi’an branch and logistics department, is the whole staff was cut, probably in March of this year. read more

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Silicon Valley financing sunflower book not heard before Yes what is heard NoJust thirteen tips to

shlf1314 provides Adsense services allow independent publishers, blogs, content owners released contextual text ads on the page content near the only code on the page, the advertisement display is automatically, without manual intervention.

the forces that act on you also act on investors. Investors tend to fall into the two category of concerns: Investment >


most start-up companies will finance many times. A typical trajectory may be: 1 to get tens of thousands of dollars from Y Combinator or personal angel investment, and 2 to raise hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars to build the company, then 3 once the company clearly become successful, will raise one or more rounds of investment to accelerate growth. read more

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Millet Li Wanqiang innovation companies do not need from the media but rather become self mediaLei

today, I think it’s because of the change in the whole of the information that comes from the media, and the core is that you really depend on it today

first of all, let me start by talking about my own path so that everyone can trust my openness and the authenticity of my programming experience. These feelings are my personal feelings, not comprehensive, please correct me.

era of the Internet quickly, if innovative companies hoping to gain market attention and recognition, we must stand on the attention of the "outlet" every day, what Li Wanqiang called "the headlines every day". The company from reliance on traditional advertising and marketing, and then to choose social marketing etc. from the media, the transformation of marketing strategy may usher in the next is to become "self media": they are responsible for the company’s product marketing, reputation accumulation, responsible for their own production. That’s what millet co-founder Li Wanqiang shared in a recent media training camp at the 2014 Summer summit. Li Wanqiang said, to become from the media, enterprises do marketing is not advertising, but in doing content. And share 4 points, first, every company is from the media; second, do first service to do the marketing; third, toss every day, the headlines every day; fourth, allow employees to become fans, so fans become employees. The following is Li Wanqiang’s speech full text: read more

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Zhou Hongyi talent is accumulated Keep trying failing learningXia Ding capital Ye Feng entreprene

The previous generation of

Xia Ding capital is an investment company specializing in circular economy, energy saving, environmental protection and technological innovation. From the logic of investment, it is very different from the TMT industry. TMT is a single winner of the game, B2VC. In this game, you should be faster, faster than others, financial integration, faster than others. During this period, financing has become a core capability through "Huyou" and "Huyou" in a sense. read more

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shlf1314 Adsense May advertising fee paymentA web site planner

      human needs are diverse. According to Maslow of the layered human needs, combined with the characteristics of current social network analysis of the Internet, they are in the real world has solved the most basic physiological needs, including avoiding starvation, avoiding danger, they are pursuing in the virtual space, the diversification demand of higher level.

according to convention, in show "pay" after, usually need 2 or 3 days time, publisher can get the money, is expected this month 29 days, publisher can get the money. read more

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shlf1314 Adsense authentication to Wangzhuan under setn those years the myth of tragedy shares how

is going to talk about the topic today.

found the myth of Fujie, once most of the shares changed, some shares fell below the issuance price, some fell below the net assets per share, which is accompanied by the huge market value evaporated, leaving only standing in the top of investors.

before the market speculation, Jiuding group resumption of stock prices can not escape a collapse, but also up or down, the current market capitalization of the top spot



some people call this for the history of China Merchants top top, did not want to, this high top said that the collapse will collapse. In April 11, 2016, after nearly 4 months of suspension branch of China Merchants staged a resumption of that crash "drama, shortly after the opening price diving straight, fall 46.39%. The market value is only 23 billion 173 million yuan. And today’s China Merchants, the market value is only 9 billion 312 million yuan. read more

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The two Yiwu stories of Ali and HUAWE are behind two great companiesTo this era of entrepreneurs h

this man is Sun Lijun, and spent the name of sun dasheng. Incumbent senior vice president of Alibaba group, general manager of rural Taobao project. In December 2015, sun Lijun, Ali became a member of the 34 partners.


about whether or not entrepreneurs brag well or not, everyone’s discussion has not stopped actually. Generally speaking, media and critics, even some well-known VC love story of geeks, mad, do not understand technology and traditional code of conduct is not talkative, but because the technology level is particularly strong, write code like art, but also a good thing to throw the helve after the hatchet. So he succeeded. Is this a reality? No, it’s just an Internet entrepreneur imaginable. read more

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Liu Chuanzhi ‘m not as rich as Jack Ma but more financially free than Wang ShiWhat should you do W

below is the dialogue between Liu Chuanzhi and the host:

Liu Chuanzhi: before and after 2000, there was an upsurge in the internet. The climax was a success today as BAT was in the climax, but there were a lot of well known famous companies that went down in that climax. What’s the reason for this, >?

1. download class site:

advantages: it is easy to move up popularity, do not need a lot of publicity, updates do not like news,


technology news news December 6th, Lenovo holdings chairman Liu Chuanzhi in the "WISE? Said the unicorn 2016 conference, he has won two freedom, financial freedom and free time, I have no Ma so wide, although the financial freedom, but I believe that Wang Shizi is still larger than. read more

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After shlf1314 era webmaster how to make moneyLi Xueling YY listing is only four suggestions for ind



shlf1314 has gone, but it has given the grassroots webmaster some thoughts about how to survive. Although there are all kinds of big and small alliances at home, but there is no one alliance is so suitable for grassroots webmaster, not high door, involving extensive advertising, good reputation. However, I still do not think the advertising alliance is a long time, so I am glad that I have really done the site for 2 years, did not join any of the advertising alliance. shlf1314 is gone, so I am very calm, because I never rely on it! The reason is simply that the price of the Internet Alliance is really the price of migrant workers. I remember I posted shlf1314 ads at 2000 of the site IP, and that was $0.2 a day. So I removed all the shlf1314 ads that day. The following is a new ad I’ve received recently. read more

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Talk about local classified information website promotion experience

Hello, I said the following website, also does not have any relationship with me, please don’t say I don’t think I’m soft, long winded, thank you


I got into touch with the Internet when I graduated from high school. Very late, the first Internet access on the network, and then in the major forums to see those masters, I feel very envious. Later I dreamed that I could become a hacker programmer, but that was too difficult. If you just use some software to do some theft, QQ and so on, so I am also very disdain, and gave up. Later, I learned something about building a website, and I felt that it was fun to build a website that I liked. What do not understand anything, it has been in the network until now is about. read more

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Talking about how to do a good music station

feeds. In fact, network is the best way to promote. And simple, as long as the station in their own articles on it. This machine is equipped with a can network plug-in, two in their article content station specially into some of the more famous fanchon chain. Don’t choose what feeds to choose, choose some relatively good, is the most typical I had to do a gossip station, on that day, a Leslie Cheung piece of gossip, you can get to 5000IP, I stand the excessive number of visits, the station will not open. Very happy that day, statistics have more than 1W IP. So, fanchon is an indispensable way to promote. read more

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Collective burn money please speak of nternet companies lift celebrity marketing hot

recently, a television advertising star Yang Mi endorsement in the subway, on the bus overwhelming, "this is not a magical site of a shout repeatedly hide. Star endorsement Internet products, the past two years has become a hot trend. Chen Yao Zhaopin and, Wang Luodan, Han Han, Huang Xiaoming, Yang Mi endorsement endorsement, serves network and 58 city, Peter Ho, Yu Na, Lan Qin endorsement of Groupon, Han Geng, Ge You endorsement lashou, Fan Bingbing endorsement dream bazaar, dazzling. read more

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Zhou Ning key nodes in big data applications user registration

‘s big data is aimed at data marketing: what do you need data to do? Marketing, transformation. How to improve data conversion, enhance trust and loyalty?. How to enhance trust, professional and interactive?. In fact, before the advent of the concept of big data, such business logic has long existed, one of the key links is the relationship maintenance and data mining of registered users. If you take note, you will find that the service segment of registered users is the difference between 360 and Tencent, and the gap between Samsung and apple is the distinction between excellence and excellence. read more

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Tourism community is not dead the door plus community or into a breakthrough model

[i] Baidu, Alibaba, black guide Tencent to increase attention and investment in online travel; Ctrip, eLong has successfully listed in the United States, where has started listing application documents to the SEC; iResearch 2013 second quarter online travel market report: 2013 China online travel market transactions reached 50 billion 900 million yuan; 2012 release of "2011-2012 China online travel vacation Market Research Report" forecast: 2013 online travel transaction scale will be expanded to 2200 to 230 billion yuan. With the expansion of the market scale, the entry of the Internet giant and the gradual support of the government policy, the online travel market will continue to develop in the short term. read more

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