The site is down right what effect will not be revised

website is to optimize and enhance the user experience, if the site is around the next Shanghai dragon promotion while ignoring the user experience, indeed, the website is the revision again have what meaning? Just Shanghai dragon network marketing is not a whole.

3, after the website you plan to promote


in the website before thinking, the purpose of this website, if there is no reason and adequate cleaning target, revision of the website is not recommended. If you have a clear target, such as a web site before does not accord with search engine optimization and user experience of web pages is ugly, graphic design is rough, so the site can consider revision. read more

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Yao Jingang how do the Shanghai dragon controlled on

4) once found the site is not in accordance with the expected schedule, you can consider the adjustment of Shanghai Longfeng scheme, added to the data did not keep up with the Shanghai dragon. Simple to say that under various external factors changing to adjust Shanghai Longfeng implementation scheme, which is a team, not a difficult thing.

but need to pay attention to the premise, such as the role of search engines is to integrate various resources of the Internet, so the search engine algorithm is core to facilitate the users as soon as possible to find the information needed for the basic principle, the current search engine business are more serious, most of the core algorithm is that no one knows, so do Shanghai dragon controlled, we were only according to the usual experiments or experience to judge, so as to achieve what we want to achieve the purpose of read more

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As a Shanghai dragon er you must learn to analyze

from the long tail keywords in the search engine rankingThe

collection is always the webmaster about things, a web site included not only the ranking effect, is the most direct impact on the flow. Sometimes we find some sites included soon, and even some seconds. But some websites can not be included in search engines. What is the reason? Chain you to analyze your website, especially you are a newly established site. The chain you need to analyze whether the single, and low quality. If the chain is mainly some BBS signature or blog message, the construction of your next focus will be on the high quality of the chain. You can go to the web site information, such as inquiry platform place to do outside the chain of high quality. There is a Links exchange, when Links as friend chain and weight site advertising. read more

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How do there is a correlation between the high quality of the chain of combat skills

love Shanghai chain algorithm, last year and this year is striking one snag after another algorithm is always in batch, and garbage soft Wen, signature, not related to the chain are within the scope of punishment, made us feel Shanghai dragon will be scorched by the flames, the hair of the chain, but the chain so that we won’t do it? I personally feel inappropriate, not outside the chain to promote ranking, relying on content to push is not scientific!! too time-consuming effort have!! so how do the chain to promote the rankings and not be loved in Shanghai bored? Only take time to do the chain related to high quality do the chain, value chain, Shanghai needs sex. I give you said: read more

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Not on the front page of the website keyword causes and Solutions

three: the website domain name is some problems, some owners in the choice of the domain name, often do not have to query the website domain name history, to see whether the domain name before being used, there is k, and the same theme, check whether the domain name is K can be included and the chain of view a collection of 0, the site outside the chain have thousands of this description of the domain name search engine punishment, so the choice of the domain name is very important, not to be search engine punishment registered domain name. read more

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How to use the weights to do Post Bar love Shanghai Shanghai dragon optimization monthly return 1000

first, we see a very cattle Post Bar.

so Post Bar do search engine optimization to achieve monthly return 10000+

search keywords of this kind, the most accurate three channels: love Shanghai, love Shanghai search drop-down box, know love Shanghai search.

yes, you see a long tail word Post Bar. I want to say, is to do the long tail word Post Bar. There are often use search information friends love Shanghai is very clear, most of the love of Shanghai home contents are able to see the love of Shanghai Post Bar position. For example, enter the keyword "Internet", "Internet" can be seen on the Post Bar. read more

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The interpretation of so called love 11 Shanghai phenomenon


portal station of Shanghai Phoenix mystery? Complex? A: no mystery, not complicated. Focusing on the strategy of Shanghai Longfeng portal station. Yes, strategy. Regardless of the enterprise or the portal station Shanghai station of Shanghai dragon dragon, from a technical point of view, without any difficulty, can be called. The strategy to continue, how? I can not forgive in this article is about a very detailed, is actually not difficult, the most important thing is just once, second times no problem. In fact, a ER Shanghai dragon to do portal of Shanghai dragon head, the most important thing is a guide. This time you can take the Shanghai dragon theory you know all along the guide way away, go myself pondering, grow very quickly. read more

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Zhang Fan how to link thousands of applause

said how to applaud the link, must have a lot of friends will think about a problem: how to find the chain resources

1. by using the advanced search instructions. Use a search engine knows the search engine can search our user needs, but also know.

How ?

we introduce the link, link name refers to the connection point to another goal from a web page, the target can be other ", but also some pictures, video files, etc.. How can be called a good link, I personally think that to meet some factors: read more

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The website included the cause of instability if you know

no matter for any search engine, they have a rating for a website home page, especially for that every day a new content update website, search engine spiders crawling more love, better effect, and for the website snapshot, even website content is a second what is normal.

(three) brand effect in trouble.

(two) audit content over a long period of time.

(a) the most important home search engine.

many sites will be included up and down suddenly, for many of these friends are not very clear. So the author also and we explain, in fact many websites especially new sites, at the beginning of the search engines will be included a lot of content on your site, but after a period of time suddenly found the website a lot less, then we don’t really need too much care about, because it is likely to be before the search engine a collection of content re placed to review the review period, of course, this is you need to ensure that your site is not the premise of fall right and be K under. read more

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The highest level of Shanghai Longfeng optimization is for reputation

so, we imagine that if your customers have been looking for Mou Changqing, a search found a negative evaluation of this kind, this business is not very difficult to do, if your customers in your search, there is a lot of positive evaluation, the business is almost you

invited customer evaluation, it will take a little time for you, but this link reaches a certain accumulation, you will find the gains compared to this time very value. But this evaluation from customers tend to be more vivid, > read more

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To increase the love Hisense as several degree view

second: choose a stable space

The first point:

website >

optimization ranking website, stable space is to make Shanghai the first choice for trust love. Love Shanghai every day in the spider crawling countless websites, when the love of spiders in Shanghai come to your website and found the website is not open, this is not very friendly to love Shanghai spiders, and when the first spider web site is not open, second times to the website can be opened, then back and not open so, again, love of spiders in Shanghai will also have temper, finally may not return your website. As we humans also have temper, not again and again three. After all, we often say that "three strikes". The actual is the same reason. read more

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To understand the change of search rule engine how to deal with the change of search engine

1. in the search engine changes constantly at the same time, we can feel a bit, the search engine love new things, for the pseudo original and reproduced in the article, almost do not see, so if your site is reproduced in the article, if your article is false original, please immediately change your methods: to write the original article, through his writing to write, if you really can’t write, also can through the Internet to find related articles, and then change the expression of the center point of this article in their own language. read more

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Xiao Yao a few things worthy of attention in business competition

still has a lot of friends in the complaint, independent blog weight >

electric district races two, the chain group tools

business competition aspect, black chain weight

electric district races three, independent blog status of

Bo excellent contest, Xiao Yao remember a single page site in the top five for a long time, many people are puzzled, in fact Xiao Yao by analyzing what tracking chain of the station, see the single page site outside the chain of all black chain, black chain had to say talk about the black chain and indissoluble bound Xiao Yao, Xiao Yao 08 years beginning with the black chain dealing with, no black chain. 800 also have 1000, then through the search engine of the black chain reaction, the search engine is not the end of the recognition site that is a black chain chain see, many online friends said hung black chain has a eighty percent chance of being K, in fact, Xiao Yao through example, the so-called K station is hanging too much, just like you do when the chain, suddenly some time outside of you The chain regardless of quality or quantity is the time from the point of view are relatively high, you said search engines will suspect you cheat? Until the end of 09 years, Xiao Yao found love Shanghai on black chain action, but the action is not very big, and later appeared in excellent contest in the scene, so that in this year’s electricity supplier Shanghai Dragon Ring contest in the black chain how much weight is a very important problem. read more

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Yang Liang classic case analysis of micro blog Shanghai Dragon

Shanghai dragon?Micro-blog

micro-blog named Si Yi is the micro blog of Italy, there is a father and son relationship with micro-blog blog, the blog of Shanghai Longfeng method "content is king, the chain for emperor" taking into account the construction of chain website the webmaster familiar, but the Shanghai dragon can blog translation to micro-blog on the line? Practice spirit, I deliberately chose to find daughter recently online heat ask events in the Yellow River, Zhengzhou is also a statue of Song Qingling turned the Yellow River’s daughter event. Why so many online events except the selection of this event, the first reason is the event enough hot and climax just past, only enough hot things can cause the rope engine attaches great importance to, and just after the climax, it can clearly see who is swimming naked. The second daughter of the Yellow River can be a new word, before these events didn’t write the words related to independent blog or even love micro-blog Encyclopedia of Shanghai also is not included, the interference can eliminate the irrelevant information. We fell in love with the daughter of the Yellow River sea search box, the information below: read more

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To obtain high flow experience sharing website through the love experience of Shanghai

Speaking of

love Shanghai experience and link tips: an illustrated experience, can add two links, and links in the reference source, written on the best title, because you do not write the title, the audit personnel may point to open a >

to obtain high quality flow

1. editor of good experience, is the basis for

we all know, love Shanghai is very preferential treatment for their products, like Shanghai, Shanghai, Post Bar love know love, love Shanghai Shanghai Encyclopedia of space, love Shanghai library and so on, a little of these products optimization, will get good rankings, but the difficulty is not generally large. Light is not only blocked on your personal ID, while the promotion of the website will be punished, right down, this The loss outweighs the gain.. Recently, the love of Shanghai has launched a life experience as the love experience of Shanghai platform, can experience later editing and reference links, the extension staff brought great temptation. Love the experience of Shanghai early audit relatively loose, recently there are some strict up, does not do well, it will be closed and the account under the account of experience, experience will all be deleted. So, any promotion methods should follow the specific rules. read more

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The search engine to the ultimate evolution of artificial intelligence

from the current view, Google founder had realized the desire of Google has become the world’s most successful Internet Co in artificial intelligence. The domestic search giant love Shanghai, also in two weeks on the open day technology is introduced in detail the "big data engine" plan, which referred to data mining and machine learning technology, big data application, as well as the future trends, equally exciting.

brain machine interface of our original motivation — the transmission of nerve impulses to the outside world and get feedback. And when we use search engine, is also the first to produce consciousness, and then transformed into input keywords to search engine, the latter through the search to match our consciousness and outside information, in repeatedly debugging, we find the exact answer. So, the search engine carrying us take the initiative to contact the outside world will, through value > read more

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Wangzhuan more insight andshlf1314 Adsense ultimate secrets

of course, no matter how difficult or difficult to find, there are always ways to help friends.

to find a network, there is a famous saying, "the mountains are 10000 feet, feet are also high.". As long as you dare to climb, hand grip, keep the foot, how high the mountain will be trample on you.

, which master would you describe if you launched any online money making project to see the information he gave you?. That should give you is intuitive and transparent, if not out of this result, you are still in the state of the temptation, please think twice and pinch thighs, can awake, hurry up to sh419 or shlf1314 to search for similar words in the results page will have a lot of information, make web site Wangzhuan, ah, as long as you patiently, carefully think, just a little in the tiger’s courage, register, three steps back, slowly open eyes tight mouth, then you will understand a little bit. Don’t worry, observed a few days or two weeks, from these attempts and carefully reading, you are self-taught, what big talk is no longer around you inexorably hangs on. to turn. read more

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Through the competitive status of Wangzhuan togetherGiant entrance werewolves kill track entrepren

, but the user hasn’t been fully developed yet. According to the big data APP monitoring platform, in January 2017, the wolf killed APP installed capacity in 1 million 660 thousand, and by June, has reached 32 million 420 thousand; APP penetration has increased from 0.18% to 3.60%.

when they enter, and in the six months failed to carve up the user market start-up companies, survival will be precarious, and want to live in the giants after admission, they will go from here,

in the future, there will be a lot of financing means, there will be a lot of people fooled, the industry wants to develop into read more

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Taobao guest website making money strategy twoHow to use sh419 to make money

1. uses sh419’s popular TV series as cpa

let’s talk about making money today. sh419 knows, I think everyone knows her charm,

For example:

shared with you today is just some of your own ideas about how to be a Taobao customer. I hope everyone will make a fortune in the tiger year. Taobao online shopping women’s kanqu village head original! All rights reserved, reproduced please note! Thank you!


directly in the CPA software manufacturing: "how I can Difficult miscellaneous diseases such as the PPS player, who can help me ah" answer: "it is recommended that you use the uusee player. The good movie. TV play。 Live broadcast is very smooth, not card at all answer to join CPA boot link read more

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Maximize shlf1314 AdSense revenueThe 11 Myths and truths of entrepreneurship

User-agent: Mediapartners-shlf1314*

myth 3 you need a very detailed and perfect business

Myth 2, as long as the product is developed, users will find their own home to

1. displays ads in a visible position.
placing ads to clear position web page without scrolling, you can see the part is more convenient for visitors to see ads, so as to improve the click opportunity.

Abstract: Unlock the myth, restore justice, you only have one real business world.

Chargify, the financial management software company, was founded by several successive entrepreneurs, several partners who had successfully started several companies before. As a result, some of the entrepreneurial experiences they share below should be worth learning from. In this article, they will uncover the truth behind the 11 Myths about entrepreneurship. read more

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