Personal views on local stations

just saw a local portal site webmaster to join the unlimited prospects need to think twice "article in the webmaster online, so I want to write an article on the local


I’m located in Henan, Luohe province. This is a small city with a population of about 2 million 500 thousand, but here it is a local station and a local community…… No more, no more. I have been working in Luohe sub station of China market information network for the last two years. The company officially announced last year that it would stop running all its websites and that the company’s executives were also intent on bidding. I’m so lost, forced me to go to our local under another network company, the network companies in the two place of the local website operation, a local comprehensive portal website, a local entertainment community. I felt the company was ok, but their business was pretty good then. It’s a failure. I failed the interview. I think they shouldn’t be able to afford too many technicians. Some time ago, I opened their website again and found that the domain name had been pointing to a very junk shopping guide website, and their community was closed. Apparently, the company is closed, too…… read more

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To novice webmaster friends do some suggestions

      in May 24th had the honor to participate in the Ali mother Hangzhou Railway Station’s Knight general assembly. There were more than 1000 stationmaster. After attending this conference, I felt that I didn’t go to school and learned a lot.

did not see the celebrity they feel very mysterious, but met celebrities and ordinary people feel there is no difference, such as heroes of President Zhou Zhou, was only about 160cm, skin white, looks like an inexperienced youth. It is said that there are billions of capital in West Lake lake with him to drink tea and chat feeling his behavior and conversation and ordinary stationmaster does not have what difference, the difference is his business mind, they do not see things such as competitors, but instead look at what the user needs, such as how to provide users with more services. This sentence left us a very deep impression, but also worthy of many webmaster to think. read more

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Site filing tossing the whole process to share

in May 10th, the site for the record finally settled, I can not think of this super super efficient tube: submitted the day before yesterday, the day after tomorrow through. Recall the Nanning talent network [] the station because of a series of record number of events, really can use the "The path winds along mountain ridges." to describe the

Nanning talent network domain name is registered in May 12, 2009, after entering the construction site, the tension at the beginning of August, the website officially launched, is the site of the first set of trial procedures. During the test run, and I know some space provider personnel for the record, that through the authority of personnel for the record is very strict, generally personally set up talent website is not too easy to pass. By coincidence, I met a tongguanju who inadvertently, he was drafted in to help the site at this time for the record, so my site personnel under his help, smooth to "Nanning talent net" the website name passed. read more

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Talking about the development route of local information network


do stand to make money fast asleep?? you can make money, but you have to think, in fact, there are many industries to sleep can make money, not necessarily do, now talk about the development route of local portal.

local, if only a local information network, there is no competition, but if the local internet isn’t mature, your brand is also very difficult to play, but the worst local should have a majority of the Internet is mature, there is a chance, do local station, the amount of information must be not enough, not too many local content, there is no way to do this? You’re wrong, can be used for entertainment, domestic news, international news to fill this hole without content, when the quantity of information, and then slowly make into specific. read more

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Wang Changhe how to learn M marketing from zero learning network marketing

The word

network marketing for everyone now is not very strange, a lot of friends in the group asked me the network marketing is difficult to learn, is not very demanding, what is the trick, in fact the network marketing is the most important to rely on their own to explore, I can offer you is some skills, you can according to these skills he put a deeper understanding and then add your stuff, it can achieve better effect, skill is resourceful, to explore together the exchange. Later, I will continue to update the network marketing skills, each release different tricks for everyone to understand, today first talk about the longest we use, the most widely used, IM marketing. read more

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Parse wood spring journal eighteenth article Title Party

2014, the first week of November, all kinds of busy.

before writing this article, I would like to ask the students who are often writing articles. Are you the title party? What do you think is the most important thing about writing?

probably many people think that the most important content, of course, there are many people think that the framework of the article is the most important. In fact, these two statements can not be judged as wrong, because the starting point of the audit article is different, the result is different. read more

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Keywords movie station beggar change Prince keywords keywords optimization analysis

do movie station for some time, the flow is not very big, there are a few keywords ranking has not been ideal, SEO is slow effort, anxious not to. But if you want to lead the flow, you have to do something else. At that time the Korean Beggar Prince is very fire, this is a drama, drama is the name of Japanese, Wednesday and Thursday meaning, which is the Wednesday broadcast Thursday, if wait for Chinese subtitles, almost 7-15 hours later. So grab this and give me a lot of traffic. The details are as follows: read more

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n 2009 the grassroots grief inventory cannot bear to think of the past

2009 only the last few days, but the remaining few days is not peaceful, for the majority of the webmaster, and more can not live through. Network event for half a month to strike hard, let the webmaster has nearly collapsed, many owners have fallen, all the hard cast to the wind. In 2009, it was not peaceful for the internet.

along the way back in 2009, there are too many things of the past one cannot bear to think of the past, more than a sad, sad to check a year "net thing", let us remember the history. The following deficiencies, please correct me, arrange the missing content, welcome to add. read more

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f married sister Furong

recently learned that the domestic Mack daddy reputation network Reds Sister Lotus, to mass media public exit entertainment news, I feel very sad and pity. I know this is a bitter blow to all lotus fans, surprised as a bolt from the blue like. But I can do what what? Can’t do, just want to put some heart words with words, is a kind of.

‘s own comfort

is a network of Sister Lotus I most love the Reds, I love her obsession with beauty, love of life. Human behavior frankly, without affectation, in her embodied most incisive. From the first day she appeared on the Internet, I began to pay attention to her. Strong female China atmosphere, a new generation of beauty image out of the ordinary, all this makes himself deeply inextricably bogged down in. If one day, I can marry the wife that I do sister Furong, life. The network is a good platform, I need to borrow some words to help it in my heart all down today, so that all users can see, believe you will see read more

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By correcting the details we’ll find ourselves already working on it

on the front when doing the work adjustment of the company website, the beginning is the first large overall adjustment of information processing, involves some details during the nature of the problem really thought, but when there is a lot of work to deal with, these small details had to be placed, think first overall after doing then slowly modify the details of the problem, but finally after come back to find some details of the problem before it had almost forgotten.

, that is, last week, when others search our website, the result is "hot medical video network."……" This is the title, last modified after sure there is no error, positioning is accurate, but the description of a small problem, maybe someone else is careful attention, description reads " hot medicine video investment network all for customer service……" I think, here, do not know how friends see no mistakes, I also did not see this, perhaps is "all" and "heart" of the 2 idioms are read correctly, not what gaps, but if you really want to consider more details I think there is, yes, we are hard, rather than new, anyway, I think this is a problem since the brand and image of their company, we must pay attention to details, details of the achievements of success, to determine whether you will do well, we think about it, if every day we do TV speaking, Yili if the advertising slogan "we have been at the heart of service" written "we have been using the new service, I would like to give us the majority of consumers will have that feeling is not the same, so as If we do a good job of detail, even after the big problem, we will seriously deal with and calm treatment, this is a good habit. read more

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t’s not difficult to share some experiences of making money online

dream River: the Internet has many opportunities to make money, some people have earned, and some people are still exploring; although opportunities are everywhere, but not everyone can find and grasp. The Internet also has many about Wangzhuan " " the topic of discussion, someone has Shumenshulu, someone is still groping around. Do website, do Taobao guest, open shop, sale product, it is to hope to be able to gain, have income. How to make money through the Internet, what are the ways, this is always the topic. Today, Admin5 invited Liu Chang to share some of her experiences in making money online. read more

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Jade B2C election mode in order to grow rapidly

has been doing jade e-commerce for two years, and here is also a little experience accumulated by ourselves, share with you:

1, the price is absolutely a great advantage in the economic environment of competition means! Especially in times of economic crisis, there have been plenty of media publicity in the coming crisis, these have so many ordinary people began to tighten their belts, then the first idea of consumption is certainly the price, you can grasp the price chain. Then you have to start the high-speed road. read more

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A campus BBS webmaster of the words from the bottom of the heart

everybody webmaster, of course, including A5 webmaster, you can say some of the site has been quite successful. And I as a grassroots webmaster, you can say that even grassroots are not called, my site has been operating for more than a year, is still in the quiet stage, the development is very bad. Statistics said that the global web site has now more than about 60000000, China’s Web site close to 600 thousand. And my web site is:

because my website is a campus BBS, friends call altar –, or a second-class undergraduate. I have investigated, and the development of famous universities in China is not up to date. I’m thinking: is there no future for BBS on campus, read more

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Do station do not follow the trend to meet user demand is the key

recently all speculation in SNS, has SNS large and small to emerge, one time every day, SNS has become the most fiery of the letters of the Internet industry, like as practitioners of the Internet, you do not talk about SNS behind the times.

is now the major Internet Co are to follow the trend of speculation SNS concept, and boomy announced their one hundred thousand million registered users. Regardless of SNS itself did not give these big Internet Co to bring real profit model, website speculation in SNS at the same time, he has been a profit, because they need to use this new concept pocketed media text, attracted the attention of the public, investors to justify the forefront in the industry. For large websites, what is SNS is not important, it is important to hype the concept of the process. read more

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Local websites encounter operational bottlenecks details and ideas innovation is the way out

on the Internet where the web site has been developed to the limit, almost every small town has its own local sites, and even some poor counties, Internet penetration rate is not high, also appeared in the local portal, which shows the local website thriving on the one hand, but on the other hand, local websites have to bottleneck of development, how to break the bottleneck of the local website, a problem many grassroots webmaster has become very concerned about the


many industry experts said that the local site appears in a short time and bursting bottleneck, the main reason is the Internet site types too easy to copy, if a local site fire, it will lead to numerous sites of the same type, so as to find a website program on the Internet, and then collect the appropriate content so, the local site construction, but this edifice built, because the foundation instability, it is prone to failure of the operation, so to get rid of the bottleneck operation of local website, it should be from imitation, find the road of innovation read more

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How to do home page revision Alibaba China Station home revision experience

, like any website, every revision of Alibaba’s homepage is also a baptism of entanglement and struggle. The design process is always painful, because judgment and choice is always difficult, here we do not want to describe the whole process of revision of the team despite the different architecture and design team’s responsibilities vary, but in addition to different decision-making processes, large companies or small companies in the current process there is no essential difference between. We are here to sum up our experience and lessons in the revision process, as well as for the home page or even product redesign thinking. read more

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Analysis of using Taobao AP to establish Amoy station process

Taobao launched off for a long time, some time ago, Ali mother open data call Taobao customer API for owners to use, so we do Amoy station more convenient to know before, from the official website of a received advertising code, pasted to the inside pages, not only time-consuming, and error prone. Chairman Mao teaches us, both hard work and smart, since the interface can get promotion commodity information and advertising code, it is not a wood work, learning interface documentation first. The theory can not practice, regardless of the consequence, to apply for a API account, is to Taobao off the official for a password, the password to Ali mother and PID used together to obtain data interface. read more

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How to identify sites and APP false traffic

one, the essence of traffic cheating

        1; the difference between human and machine?

true traffic is the real record of a person’s true behavior.

these words around a bit, I explain: the real person is well understood, we target certainly is true; then the real behavior? It is with the purpose and motivation of the real, make real network behavior! They browse, registration, visit and leave…… The behavior of these columns is true.

we observe the data to infer whether the behavior behind this data is real or natural behavior of the real person, so that we can know whether the traffic data is cheating or not. read more

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From catering consulting to the listed company Mommy

topic: chugaluging mummy, catering consulting leader

the guests: Mommy China area director Zhao Gang chugaluging, responsible for Chinese District website operation

participates in the interview: QQ group 57322806

1, website background

Fang Qingbin: welcome guests. Chinese area today Mommy director, Mr. Zhao Gang, Mr. Zhao is currently responsible for Chinese District website operation, Mr. Zhao: Hello, welcome to the city business interview (, please introduce for us. Mommy. read more

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Learn from the heroes in the valley hundred excellent contest

has recently been do not know what to do, today suddenly see stationmaster net to hold the third session of the SEO game, so I immediately decided to participate, and registered the domain name I spent 25 yuan of money, but I do stand still did not make money, although no money, but still attended, why? Because I lack of power, can participate in the competition my thirst for knowledge increased, forcing yourself to keep learning, and strive to improve their ability.

remember the last time I found a station to Zhang Xiaoyu do Baidu first in Baidu, I found her through the chain of QQ, and found her blog, unexpectedly, she also attended the second session of the SEO webmaster network game, I want to join but I am a rookie, what all don’t understand. So I learn slowly. Through observation, we found many things that we didn’t know before. read more

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