Setién: “For many the result is enough, but I have come here thinking about something else”

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first_img“I am quite emotional. It is true that I try to turn things around, analyze them, but surely between what dictates reality or the heart, I will most likely let myself be carried away by the heart.” Passion“I’m still a footballer, I feel the same passion to play, and I would have liked to always be on the other side. I still have my team of veterans on the beach and I have my friends, my pachangas. I have a huge fear of being injured and not being able to playing again, is what I really like. ” Game philosophy“A person of convictions can give a certain profile of arrogance, because that is the only thing that is worth it, and it is not so. My convictions come because the football that I liked is the one that I try to instill. I have always felt what I felt in the schoolyard: I wanted the ball, I didn’t want to run after it, I enjoyed it when I had it and that’s what has always guided my life, it’s what I know and I’m sure 99% of football players feel that way What happens is that the coaches then change the players, we demand, the professional world is like that … “. Chess“A manager of Atlético brought me a board to play games against the machine. Chess hooks, I knew I had limits. But I do think it is a game that helped me catch that break, get away from the impulses … and there are certain similarities between the tactics, the balance that has to be in the field between the players and the pieces of the board … you have to be there to attack and also to defend. It sure has helped me. “ Quique Setién is eager to debut on the Camp Nou bench. The 61-year-old Cantabrian coach is excited as a rookie at the possibility of leading Barcelona. In his first interview, granted to the club channel, Setién offered the lines of his new project. Arrival“Everything has been so fast that I still have a hard time assimilating many things. When I woke up I had to realize that I am the new coach of Barça. It can’t be! The day of the presentation has been wonderful, one of the happiest of my life, I have about 600 messages on my mobile, a lot, I can not attend to all. ” Play good“There are many people who believe that playing well is something else: being clothed, that they do not create occasions and that you can catch them against one. For many that is enough, the result. I respect it, I would miss more, but I have come here thinking the other way. I always like my team to play well, it’s the only way I can go home satisfied. I will be satisfied by the three points if we win 1-0 without deserving it for the people, but I will go to house of bad milk, because what you need is to feel good, to do things well. If you do things well you will have a better chance of winning. ” Personalitylast_img

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