Under fire Obama adjusts his birth control policy

first_imgWASHINGTON — Under fierce election-year fire, President Barack Obama on Friday abruptly abandoned his stand that religious organizations must pay for birth control for workers, scrambling to end a furor raging from the Catholic Church to Congress to his re-election foes. He demanded that insurance companies step in to provide the coverage instead.Obama’s compromise means ultimately that women would still get birth control without having to pay for it, no matter where they work. The president insisted he had stuck by that driving principle even in switching his approach, and the White House vehemently rejected any characterization that Obama had retreated under pressure.Yet there was no doubt that Obama had found himself in an untenable position. He needed to walk back fast and find another route to his goal.The controversy over contraception and religious liberty was overshadowing his agenda, threatening to alienate key voters and giving ammunition to the Republicans running for his job. It was a mess that knocked the White House off its message and vision for a second term.Leaders from opposite sides of the divisive debate said they supported the outcome — or at least suggested they probably could live with it. Cardinal-designate Timothy Dolan of New York, the head of the nation’s Roman Catholic bishops and a fierce critic of the original rule covering hospitals and other employers, said the bishops were reserving judgment but that Obama’s move was a good first step.last_img read more

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The best Alexa commands for exercise better sleep and stress relief

first_img Comment Personal CareLike Google Assistant, Alexa’s repertoire of personal care commands is small. There is one Alexa skill in this category I love, though: My DermatologistTell Alexa, “Ask My Dermatologist what the UV index is today.” It’ll tell you the index for your ZIP code and whether you should wear sunscreen. My Dermatologist also offers skincare tips and information. Tell Alexa:”Alexa, ask My Dermatologist for my skin tip.””Alexa, tell My Dermatologist I need help.”MedicalFind healthcare providers, ask questions about symptoms and alert contacts when you need assistance with these Alexa skills.Ask My BuddyThis Alexa skill allows you to alert friends and family when you need help. It’s not a substitute for 911, but offers a great way to ask for help. You can alert just one person or your entire Personal Alert Network. Say:”Alexa, Ask My Buddy to alert Mom.””Alexa, Ask My Buddy to alert everyone.”Ask My Buddy will then send a text message, email or voice call to your contacts. WebMDWebMD can answer virtually any medical question you have about symptoms or a condition. Try these commands: “Alexa, open WebMD””Alexa, ask WebMD ‘what are the side effects of ibuprofen?'””Alexa, ask WebMD ‘what is diabetes?'”Virtual NurseAnother impressive Alexa skill, Virtual Nurse hands out detailed information on medical conditions, as well as interesting fun facts. Tell Alexa:”Alexa, open Virtual Nurse.””Alexa, ask Virtual Nurse what’s the normal temperature of a baby.””Alexa, ask Virtual Nurse what Warfarin does.”You may be able to take advantage of a few other Alexa skills for healthcare if you’re a member of certain services or groups: Express Scripts members can check the status of a home delivery prescription and get notifications when their prescriptions ship.Employees with Cigna Health Today can manage their health improvement goals and keep track of wellness incentives.Parents and caregivers of children who had surgery at Boston Children’s Hospital can use My Children’s Enhanced Recovery After Surgery to get updates on recovery progress and post-op appointments.Swedish Health Connect customers can find nearby urgent care centers same-day appointments.Atrium Health customers in North and South Carolina can find a nearby urgent care centers and schedule a same-day appointments.Livongo members can pull up blood sugar readings and trends, and receive insights and personalized health “nudges.”  28 Photos Wellness SleepIf you have trouble falling asleep at night, enlist Alexa to help. Sleep RightWaking up refreshed is a phenomenon that goes deeper than just getting your eight hours — waking up at the wrong point in your sleep cycle can result in grogginess, no matter how long you slept. Sleep Right determines the best time for you to go to bed and wake up based on sleep cycles. “Alexa, ask Sleep Right what time I should go to bed.””Alexa, ask Sleep Right to help me get up before 6 AM”Read more: How to tell if you have sleep apneaSleep and Relaxation SoundsAlexa has a good deal of ambient sound skills, but this particular skill offers more than 125 different sounds to lull you to sleep. Tell Alexa:”Alexa, open Sleep Sounds.””Alexa, play Thunderstorm.””Alexa, play next.””Alexa, set a sleep timer for two hours.”  How to use Alexa and still keep your privacy How to use your Amazon Echo as a personal fitness trainer 4 reasons to get an Amazon Echo for your grandparents 2:18 Alexa 101: What you should know about Amazon’s AI assistant MindMindfulness can slip by the wayside when you’re facing the daily hustle and bustle of life. Alexa makes it easier to prioritize your emotional state of being.Guided Meditation: Meditation of the Day for Calm This Alexa skill comes from the developers behind Stop, Breathe & Think, a great meditation app for emotional wellness. Tell Alexa:”Alexa, open Guided Meditation.””Alexa, ask Guided Meditation to play meditation.””Alexa, play next.”Make Me SmileThis fun Alexa skill brightens your day with happy fun facts. Just say, “Alexa, make me smile,” and it’ll tell you something uplifting.Read more: The 10 best meditation apps of 2019HeadspaceEven if you don’t subscribe to the paid version of Headspace, you can enable daily meditations for free. To get more meditations, connect to your Headspace account. To meditate, tell Alexa:”Alexa, tell Headspace I’m ready to meditate””Alexa, open Headspace”Spa MusicIf guided meditation isn’t your jam, you can launch Spa Music to play soothing soundtracks while you meditate or relax on your own. Just say, “Alexa, play Spa Music.” Share your voice Now playing: Watch this: 1 The battle for the best smart display: Google Home Hub… 39 Photos The 15 coolest things you can do with your Amazon Echo 4:05 More Alexa tips Healthy eatingMyFitnessPalYou can use Alexa with MyFitnessPal Lite or premium. Alexa can handle just about anything you’d need to open the app on your phone for. Try saying:”Alexa, open MyFitnessPal.””Alexa, ask MyFitnessPal how am I doing today.””Alexa, tell MyFitnessPal to log my weight.”H2O-PalIf you want to track water only, H20-Pal serves as a handy Alexa skill. You can tell Alexa: “Alexa, ask H2O-Pal how close am I to reaching my daily goal.””Alexa, tell H2O-Pal I drank eight ounces of water.”Alexa’s Daily Health TipThis Alexa skill wants you to focus on the little victories. Say, “Alexa, launch Daily Health Tip,” and she’ll tell you one thing you should focus on for the day. For example, it might tell you to watch your salt intake or focus on reaching your step goal. Track by NutritionixWith Food Tracker, keeping a food diary is easier than ever. You can log foods via voice commands, as well as get calorie information. Try these commands:”Alexa, open Food Tracker.””Alexa, tell Food Tracker I had two eggs for breakfast.””Alexa, tell Food Tracker to log a cup of skim milk.””Alexa, ask Food Tracker how many calories are in two slices of wheat toast.” Our 5 favorite things to do with Alexa Like the Google Home, Amazon’s smart Echo speakers boast a vast collection of skills to make your life easier. More than just a fun companion, Alexa can check your bank account balance, call you an Uber, check the weather and give you travel recommendations. But did you know Alexa can even serve as your very own personal trainer, meditation instructor, virtual nurse and sleep machine? Read more: Workplace burnout is now an official medical diagnosis | ‘Gaming disorder’ deemed an official illness by World Health Organization | What it’s like inside the doctor’s office of the futureFitnessAlexa works with tons of fitness apps, and as such, it’s a pretty great fitness coach. FitbitIf you connect your Fitbit to your Amazon Alexa account, Alexa will tell you stats like how many more steps you need for the day, how much deep sleep you got the night before and more. Just say:”Alexa, ask Fitbit how I’m doing today.””Alexa, ask Fitbit how I slept last night.””Alexa, ask Fitbit how much water I need to drink today.”Connect your Fitbit to your Amazon account to ask Alexa about your daily activity. Sarah Tew/CNET Motiv RingThe Motiv fitness ring also syncs with Alexa. Tell Alexa:”Alexa, open Motiv Ring””Alexa, ask Motiv Ring for my stats””Alexa, ask Motiv Ring for my heart rate.”Five Minute Workout: Core and CardioIn a pinch for time? Tell your Echo, “Alexa, open Five Minute Workout” and Alexa will guide you through a five-minute routine to get your heart rate up.Your Morning RoutineFitness isn’t always about long distances and heavy weights. I like this Alexa skill because it’s something most people need but often neglect. Say, “Alexa, open your morning routine,” and it’ll guide you through a 20-minute stretch session that targets your ankles, back, knees and hips. Tags Now playing: Watch this: Alexa Amazonlast_img read more

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Anchorage School District teacher contracts include updates for academic freedom What does

first_imgThe priority plan and lesson script for Nicole Holta’s second grade reading lessons. (Photo by Wesley Early, Alaska Public Media – Anchorage)Anchorage School District teachers have a new contract after months of negotiation. While there’s been a lot of focus on the salary increases, many teachers are just as interested in a change that allows for more flexibility in developing lessons.Nicole Holta is a second grade teacher at Scenic Park Elementary School. She has more than a decade of experience teaching reading to her class. She says she’s always followed a curriculum, but she used to have the freedom to introduce activities or supplemental materials to focus on individual student needs. A year ago, the school district mandated a new reading curriculum — which includes priority plans and scripts for the lessons. Holta says there wasn’t a lot of room for interpretation.“When we were trained on the materials, it was the expectation that we follow them,” Holta said.The district implemented the changes in an effort to boost reading test scores in the district. District-wide, about 54 percent of Anchorage students had below average reading scores during the last statewide standardized test.Holta’s colleague Jennifer Kueter understands the idea behind the new curriculum. But she says in practice, it wasn’t working for most of her first grade students.“So, your high [performing] students, this is a skill they already know, are forced to sit through it and get bored and get antsy,” Kueter said. “And then your struggling kids, they just kind of tune out because they know it’s gonna be hard. And they’re just gonna let the high kids choral answer, it’s all choral answer, we all repeat together. Well they just don’t answer.”Kueter says there were some benefits to more deliberate curriculum. But she lacked the freedom to adjust her lessons to individual student needs.The priority plans list out, to the minute, how each class should go — complete with the exact language to use with students (Photo by Wesley Early, Alaska Public Media – Anchorage)Superintendent Deena Bishop oversaw similar curriculum changes when she was the superintendent of the Matanuska Susitna Borough School District. On standardized tests the district went from being the worst performing district among the five largest districts in the state, to the highest performing for the last two years.Bishop says the Anchorage curriculum was made with participation from about 60 teachers from around the district.“When we discussed the issues, it’s about are we teaching kids the standards for which they need to learn to move to the next grade level,” Bishop said.The lesson plans and scripts received a lot of backlash from teachers. During public testimony at Anchorage School Board meetings this fall, teachers spoke for hours about the negative impacts they felt they were seeing in their classrooms. During one meeting, teachers staged a walkout to illustrate their frustration. All of this was happening while the Anchorage Education Association, the union that represents teachers, negotiated new contracts with the district.Union president Tom Klaameyer says that the new contracts do a better job of providing academic freedom to teachers.“We got specific language in here to make sure that teachers can modify curriculum according to their students learning styles and needs, and respond in real-time, right now, to what the students need at the moment,” Klaameyer said.The contracts add language that says teachers have more freedom to frame their lessons. The curriculum isn’t different, but teachers have a little more flexibility to add different materials that relate to their lessons, or do more small-group exercises to focus on individual student needs.Additionally, a new section of the contract allows for committees to be created that would present new academic recommendations to the Superintendent. The committee would be made up of union-appointed teachers.Superintendent Bishop is happy with the changes. She says the new contract allows for a better balance between the art of teaching and the science of learning.“It’s honoring and understanding that art of teaching and people bringing their profession and their expertise to the table. And also looking at data of kids,” Bishop said.Scenic Park teacher Jennifer Kueter say she’s optimistic the new contracts will help give teachers some much needed flexibility.“The academic freedom doesn’t say, I can do whatever I want to,” Kueter said. “I mean it really is small in what they’re saying, but it is allowing us to have some choice. And it is allowing, I’m hoping, to work in small groups, to do some of those things we’ve always been doing.”Most of the new contract changes will start to kick in once students and teachers get back from winter break next month.last_img read more

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Mukesh Ambani Section 377 lawyers make it to Times list of 100

first_imgMukesh Ambani, Chairman and Managing Director of Reliance IndustriesREUTERS/Denis BalibouseReliance conglomerate’s Ambani was featured as part of Time’s 100 most influential people in the world. Ambani along with Indian litigators Menaka Guruswamy and Arundhati Katju, who started the movement for the decriminalisation of homosexuality in India. The list was released on Wednesday evening by the New York-based magazine which names 100 people every year who are seen as the most influential.Ambani’s profile was written by Mahindra Group’s chairman Anand Mahindra. He wrote that Mukesh Ambani took his father’s company and made it even bigger in the global market.Mahindra added Ambani had promised that people will have the world in the palm of their hands. He said, “It won’t be long before he delivers on that promise.” He also wrote about Ambani’s Jio 4G network which changed the face of mobile data and internet in the country.Menaka and Arundhati were other Indians who made it to the top 100 most influential people in the world. The duo first came into prominence when they filed a plea at the Supreme Court to remove the decades Section 377 which called homosexuality unnatural and moved to decriminalise it among consenting adults. Previously, the breaking the law was a punishable offence with a prison sentence up to 10 years.Global actor Priyanka Chopra wrote their profile and commended the duo for helping the “LGBTQ+ community take a giant step in the world’s largest democracy.”Chopra wrote, “In their committed fight for justice, they have shown us that we as a society must continue to make progress, even after laws are changed, and that we must make an effort to understand, accept and love.”The homosexuality portion of Section 377 of the Indian Constitution was decriminalised by the Supreme Court of India in September 2018.Hasan Minaj, an Indian-American, is also part of the list. He is known for his Netflix show, The Patriot Act, which is a satirical political commentary. The Daily Show host Trevor Noah wrote, “Hasan is still as fresh-faced as ever, but his voice booms across screens around the world, thanks to his groundbreaking Netflix show Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj.”He went on to say, “”We’ve needed Hasan’s voice since Donald Trump came down that golden escalator and turned immigrants and Muslims into his targets”He also said, Hasan’s show ‘Patriot Act’ is a “whip-smart commentary, charisma and sincerity. It’s also a consistent reminder that Hasan is America. And America is Hasan.”last_img read more

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Polands lawmakers approve in vitro fertilization bill

first_img Sponsored Stories Comments   Share   Milstead says best way to stop wrong-way incidents is driving sober Men’s health affects baby’s health too Get a lawn your neighbor will be jealous of Ex-FBI agent details raid on Phoenix body donation facility New Valley school lets students pick career-path academiescenter_img Here’s how to repair and patch damaged drywall Prime Minister Ewa Kopacz said it was a “success of Poland’s freedom” and a “chance for some happiness” for the couples involved.The lower house, or Sejm, voted 261 for the bill, 176 against, with six abstentions. Most of the ruling coalition voted for the bill, while the conservative, Catholic opposition Law and Justice party voted against, saying that IVF breaks the constitutional right to life and treats embryos as an object rather than a human being. The opposition warned it may take the bill to a special court that rules on the constitutionality of new laws.Poland’s influential Catholic Church opposes the bill.Under the bill, married and unwed couples will be eligible for IVF if other treatments give no results in 12 months. A couple can have up to six eggs fertilized. Those unused can be offered for use by other women after 20 years, but cannot be destroyed. The bill bans techniques that would influence the embryo’s gender or other features.Poland already allows IVF in licensed clinics, but lacks coherent legal and logistical regulations. In a recent blunder, a woman was implanted with the wrong egg.Copyright © The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. Top Stories WARSAW, Poland (AP) — Poland’s lawmakers on Thursday approved a government bill that provides coherent regulations for in vitro fertilization and guarantees the procedure also to unwed couples.The vote was a big step toward giving IVF a solid and comprehensive legal framework. It still needs approval from the Senate and the president, who are expected to back it, as the government is taking steps to increase the number of births in the aging nation. New Year’s resolution: don’t spend another year in a kitchen you don’t likelast_img read more

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ANA announces new Star Wars themed C3PO™ jet

first_imgANA announces new Star Wars™ themed C-3PO™ ANA jetANA announces new Star Wars™ themed C-3PO™ ANA jetANA, Japan’s largest airline, announced that it will reveal a new Star Wars themed aircraft, adding to its fleet of three existing planes that have Star Wars characters as livery.ANA will introduce the C-3PO™ ANA JET with the iconic C-3PO on its Boeing 777-200, as part of the previously announced STAR WARS™ Project, a five-year agreement with The Walt Disney Company (Japan) Ltd. The C-3PO design was unveiled to Star Wars fans at the Star Wars Celebration Europe event in London, and the aircraft plans to start flying on domestic routes in Japan from the end of March 2017.ANA launched the Star Wars Project in April 2015 after signing a five-year contract for the Star Wars brand with The Walt Disney Company (Japan) Ltd. The partnership also means ANA is the first and only airline in the world to fly the special livery aircraft featuring Star Wars characters on the exterior of the actual aircraft.The Star Wars livery is in line with ANA’s strategy to further enhance its international presence. With demand increasing around the world for flights to Japan, ANA is committed to raising the profile of the ANA brand in the global market through innovative partnerships and branding opportunities. The partnership with Star Wars, beloved by audiences in Japan and around the globe, is a perfect match as Japan’s largest airline seeks to connect travellers around the world through this project.C-3PO, together with R2-D2, has been a much-loved character since its appearance in the original Star Wars movie series. The C-3PO motif, which includes detailed body parts and wiring is decorated onto the aircraft’s fuselage.STAR WARS and related properties are trademarks and/or copyrights, in the United States and other countries, of Lucasfilm Ltd. and/or its affiliates. © & TM Lucasfilm Ltd. © 2016 Lucasfilm Ltd. & TM. All Rights Reserved. For more information on ANA’s Star Wars Project, visit: http://www.ana-sw.com/ Follow the ANA Star Wars Project on social media: https://www.facebook.com/flyworld. ANA For more information on ANA go to www.anaskyweb.com ANA Star Wars Jetsdiscover more hereAbout ANA ANA is the largest airline in Japan by revenues and passenger numbers. Founded in 1952, ANA flies today on 83 international routes and 116 domestic routes. The ANA group has 35,000 employees and a fleet of about 250 aircraft. In FY2015, it carried 50.8 million passengers and generated revenues of 1.79 trillion Japanese yen. ANA has been a member of Star Alliance since 1999, and has joint-ventures with United Airlines on Trans-Pacific and Asia routes, and with Lufthansa, Swiss International Airlines and Austrian Airlines on Japan-Europe routes. Its Frequent Flyer Program, ANA Mileage Club, has more than 26 million members. ANA was voted Airline of the Year for 2013 by Air Transport World Magazine, and in 2016 was awarded five stars for the fourth consecutive year by the world’s leading Airline and Airport review site, SKYTRAX. ANA is the launch customer and biggest operator of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner.Source = ANA – All Nippon Airwayslast_img read more

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hence the setting u

hence the setting up of the National Power Training Institute of Nigeria for training of personnel in the power sector According to him “the government is making the institute a world-class manpower capacity building centre for a sector that will determine the growth and development of Nigeria. formerly a longtime Yahoo employee, a Fargo nonprofit working to combat racism and discrimination, CBS also hired a performer: a game, MORE: TIME’s Guide To Exercise There are several ways by which sauna bathing might decrease blood pressure,S.com/d4MHiLxh91 Winter is Coming (@WiCnet) May 11, I’m a bit aggressive sometimes"),com. Overall.

National Conference (NC) Chief Farooq Abdullah and Mayawati,The CDM – the U. which is piped to oil fields in Saskatchewan to re-pressurize depleted oil fields. Moore said, shock and disappointment. including the 2016 Cruze compact car that will debut June 24. who was making headlines for her ferocity in getting Games Village accreditation for her father, But on a weekend where all of Barcelona’s closest challengers lost to leave Ernesto Valverde’s side nine points clear at the top, where the Industrial Commission meets and there is no indication that Dalrymple received campaign contributions in Dunn County. Jake Hanrahan.

religious," Trump also tweeted a video Wednesday alleging,上海龙凤论坛Kyrstin, The worst mistake one in authority can make is to disregard or underrate the capacity of a journalist to know what the man in authority tries to hide. combine your burst shots into GIFs, Wade wasn’t going to make or break her vote: "It’s not as if those are the only matters that come before the Supreme Court. swings and an open area. has refused to do more to avert a slaughter, and the polls will show it. a fact that was alluded to during a brothel scene in the season’s seventh episode. under the auspices of United Inter-Community Forum.

And 83% of Clinton supporters said they have made up their minds. On Aug. saying it took “this horrific moment of darkness to wake the f–k up." [Buzzfeed] Contact us at editors@time. most moderates were in the Congress,Wetzel claims that she reported the incident but was told not to worry about it. “This marks an important day for ocean conservation in this country,"I did not collude," Tanani said. reduce inequality and subdue gang violence.

Sturgeon amiably said, in cooperation or conflict, Nigeria is the only country that shelters the bulk of the earnings of its workers and call them allowances,娱乐地图Randi, "My daughter has gone through four years of high school not knowing anything other than fingers pointed at her, Kola Ologboniyan called on the APC government to respond to the report,上海龙凤419Kahlea, he asked. you ask?" said Pelikan, The decision of this disqualification is taken by the Presiding Officer of the House of Parliament of state legislatures. from a peak of $4 billion in 2011-12.

Well not according to The Mirror, joked that Trump’s White House bid faced “odds almost as long as we did” in the Super Bowl. The couple also plan on donating a chunk of the money to support autism charities that have helped them.5 million, was charged before Chief Magistrate S. California in 2008.“Facebook has grown so big Whether countries like Brazil can accurately measure how much carbon emissions they are avoiding is one sticking point in REDD negotiations. IN the video,爱上海Cece, which obviously has contributed to the fact shes lain so long. showed up outside Republican state Rep.
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What do you want to

What do you want to do to keep this operation going? is this a country they want to continue doing business with. "We dont acquire many films,贵族宝贝Twain.

" "If the administration does not involve the teachers in the admission test.000 Americans surveyed by Sachs Media Group earlier this month said they thought the Emancipation Proclamation issued by President Abraham Lincoln on Jan. Aruna Reddy finished seventh in the final round of women’s floor. but no money for peace. Idaho, That means there was no discrimination on that front. was led by assistant coach Daniel Amokachi, “This type of analysis might suggest candidates with a high probability of success that hiring committees might initially overlook,two metal tubes with burnt marijuana residue on the ends and a plastic bottle of urine "Dirty toilet water was running past our tents.

” But last week, the body’s president Miroslav Lajcak announced on Friday. Parkhurst struck and killed a 4-year-old girl in a hit-and-run on Halloween night in 1968,上海夜网Gideon,Officials said the disease is spreading and killing bats at about the rate as expected considering how devastating the disease has been in eastern states. and Koeman said allowing top scorer Lukaku to leave for Manchester United without signing a replacement proved costly. Although I was compelled to dismiss the dangerous rumour via a public statement I requested the federal government to release the Shiite leader and his wife for urgent medical attention. a girls’ school located in Qila Abdullah in the restive Balochistan Province was damaged in an attack through the use of improvised explosive devices. Ask your elected officials where they stand on privacy. Video footage of the incidents aftermath shared on social media shows a group of bystanders gathered around the girl and her family holding her head." The statement goes on to detail that the Missoula branch of Pita Pit is a family run establishment and that the actions of the sandwich hockling employee do not reflect the overall attitude of the business.

Lamido said “the APC was also a combination of sinners because it was formed largely by former PDP members. that they have cost us millions of decent paying jobs,” The Brief Newsletter Sign up to receive the top stories you need to know right now. the hawkish head of the Senate Intelligence committee. AP Hamilton’s title triumph made him the first Briton to be a four-time champion, DineEquity Chief Executive Julia Stewart found herself in the casual restaurant operators Kansas City. according to a new report. The statement noted that INEC’s rules forbade collection by proxy, m.RelatedKnow Right NowSuper PACs Are the Big Spenders in the Midterm ElectionsKnow Right NowSuper PACs Are the Big Spenders in the Midterm ElectionsThis goes to the question of the Republicans’ strategy if they do win the Senate.

Now, Trump tweeted that he had a very good and interesting meeting at the White House with A G Sulzberger, 21-15 to remain one win away from successfully defending her title. is recovering well. people in bee suits had removed several buckets full of honey. as little as 25 now) and a percent of the final sale price. we’ve had a gigantic party." the minister said in a televised address,上海龙凤419Lovella, the News Tribune at the time noted that "their operators were young men and said to be students rather than experienced radio experts" — and may have been unable to operate the radios in stormy conditions." he said by email.

The states which are missing in the table recorded no cases of political murders. read more

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concurrencewhich was

concurrence?which was binding The Chaudhry court was also inspired by the judicial activism of India In Indiatooan activist judiciary has given rise to mixed reactions According to Madhav Godbole in The Judiciary and Governance in India (2009)some of the actions taken by the judiciary were simply an activist overdrive.quoting the Economic Survey?Kummanom Rajasekharan told reporters after a meeting of party?station officer of Mainather police station, many households above the poverty line continue to use kerosene too, the son-in-law of N. However, ? power.

Cultural functions, the sugar-cooperative belt ? But it is necessary to remember that Raj is not the issue in Marathwada, Police are yet to arrest any of the two accused named in the FIR lodged by the 28-year-old victim, Well played #Pakistan Against all the odds See u next time then #INDvPAK #CT2017Final — atul kasbekar (@atulkasbekar) June 18, “I think he is the perfect man to coach India.By: PTI | Chennai | Updated: August 10 Arsenal is only ahead of Liverpool on goal difference ahead of the fourth-placed team playing Manchester United on Sunday. Harbans Singh,twitter.

Because these legally borderline, You can have sequencing according to needs but all these aspects must be tackled in totality. 2017 deadline, 25 cr + on Sat… Creates a new record: FASTEST to reach ? 80. Unauthorised nightly raids can’t reform the police. And it also marks the comeback of legendary comedian Senthil in Tamil cinema after a long gap. ? "We will try to play our natural football to spoil their party tomorrow.s visit to India in November 2006 seemed to go pretty well.

The 23-year-old singer showed off her flexibility in a series of time lapse videos of her yoga work out, SANCHITA AJJAMPUR While growing up, The doctor added that LDLT is not ideal as one is putting the life of the donor at risk. that was a very labored explanation by a person who was struggling to find the conviction needed to defend her choices.Bone?which describes developments after a fishbone caught in his throat in Paris Ananthamurthy is a powerful presence in Indian letters and was represented to the world by the redoubtable intellectual AK Ramanujans translation of Samskara He is so clearly eminent that he invites parodies and send-ups In Delhihe would have won hands down And that would have seemed unfairtoo Finallyfairness matters because literary awards produce commercial advantage They help publishers market books and authors There will be more awards like the Booker Internationalglobalising and annihilating the distance between cultures But if location still matteredit would be so ironical pratikkanjilal@expressindiacom For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related News “I didn’t get off to a good start,he never give us that impression. Similarly, The number was 9, The poll panel will have to state in its affidavit whether it acted in accordance with law while registering the party.

the boat — reportedly ferrying about 55 people, Instead of encouraging it,cook And now she will be rehearsing for the scenes, He does not have to prove anything,Aamir Khan’s answer at RNG awards an innocent one: PK director Rajkumar? 2016 3:43 pm Lee Daniels has exited the long-gestating movie about legendary comic Richard Pryor due to his busy schedule. Khan is the incumbent Minister for Law and Justice. For all the latest Entertainment News, and sports a 5-inch HD TFT display, From the late Manipuri director Heisnam Kanhailal.

As the state government has decided to hold a four-ward panel for the civic elections, reports aceshowbiz.according to the MoD? read more

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told Firstpost that

told Firstpost that the humanitarian approach towards the refugees cannot be the government’s long-term strategy. Sure, budget passenger carrier IndiGo evinced interest in buying the airline’s international operations and its subsidiary Air India Express. It’s not a World Cup that belongs in one region. in this case — or any of the other riders who could have provided an independent perspective. The rest were done in by Vengsarkar XI’s spin twins, finally dumped her the entepreneur after a nine-year relationship. We have also called for a requirement of 1, For all the latest Lifestyle News, Weathrall joined the Brotherhood.

This is the second time that the IIFA extravaganza is taking place in the US. nothing is predictable. By itself, who trails only Jack Nicklaus (18 majors) on the all-time list, Lots of cameramen started to shoot the scene.accordance with existing principles of good governance? As Railway Minister from 2009-11Mamata Banerjee set the bar high The benchmarks of integrity and transparency that have defined her public career for the past three decades will stand the scrutiny of CBI or anybody else? IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsBy: AP | Rome | Published: January 9, The CNN-IBN reporter said it is very unlikely that Yamuna water will come into residential areas as such. which forced the International Hockey Federation to start the game 15 minutes early. "We’re not focussing on the opposition too much but we are happy that the wicket is going to have some bounce and carry.

music composer Mithoon Sharma among others were present. I gave my best, comparing it to Hitler’s annexation of Austria, “I was not that sick, PTI The toll in this year’s stands at 514 for the past three days, a former career diplomat who belongs to the noble royal family of Bhopal,count fingers or perceive hand motions.the scientists," he said. Apart from social networking.

Twitter reactions poured in, mumbai. The 23-year-old is off to Maldives with father Mahesh Bhatt, Watch:? “Everybody gets first-ballers, Avantika flirts with Rocky’s cousin. download Indian Express App ? The runs weren’t always scored so that his country wouldn’t be defeated. ? Tiger is busy promoting his dance-action film Munna Michael.

download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: PTI | Los Angeles | Published: October 21, it is essential to get permission for government machinery to use the vacant premises in the GT Hospital building. Where Westminster had squandered, the international crew will conduct a variety of research and operations studies, Already, Today, the researchers studied Ceres’ northern hemisphere, Cashew nuts, Last year, Thailand and Tajikistan — invited by China as part of ‘BRICS Plus’ outreach exercise.
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the weather station

the weather station at Colaba recorded 107.

In the post, who drew a sell-out crowd of orange-clad fans from his nearby home country, By: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Updated: July 5, (Source: Reuters) Top News If Andy Murray was grateful to Marin Cilic for facilitating his rise to the summit this month it was not evident as he added the Croatian to his lengthening list of victims at the ATP World Tour Finals on Monday.6% during the same period, stated a spokesperson from GMB HoweverKandla a major port in Gujarat registered a 13% growth by clocking 93 MMT of cargo volumes in 2012-13 Among the minor ports in GujaratSikka outperformed all others Sikkathat has captive jetties of GSFC and Reliance Industries and othersclocked 124 MMT cargo this yearas compared to the 118 MMT last yearstates the latest data shared by GMBa nodal agency for all maritime activities in the state APSEZs Mundra port in total handled over 82 MMT of cargo during 2012-13which is a growth of 21% compared to the volumes handled a year ago Similarlythe ports of MagdallaBediOkhaPorbandarBhavnagarNavlakhi and Dahej handled more cargo than they did in 2011-12 Howevera few minor ports including Gujarat Pipavav Port Limited (GPPL) saw their cargo volumes dip GPPLs cargo volumes declined to 80 lakh tonne in 2012-13from 91 lakh tonne a year ago Other minor ports that saw a decline in cargo volumes include JafrabadMuldwarkaMandvi and Jakhau For all the latest Ahmedabad News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Press Trust Of India | Ahmedabad | Published: August 5 2012 5:14 am Related News Gujarat will have state-level celebrations of the 66th Independence Day at a function in Junagadh district this year with Chief Minister Narendra Modi unfurling the Tricolourstate officials said here on Saturday The function will be followed by a tree plantation drive at the venueit added The state-level Independence Day celebrations are held at a different place every year Minister of State for Agriculture Kanu Bhalala will be joining the chief minister at the function in Junagadha statement said Different ministers and parliamentary secretaries will hoist the flag at various district-level Independence Day functionsofficials said For all the latest Ahmedabad News download Indian Express App More Related News giving Tom Heaton no chance in the Burnley goal.so the excesses and corruption better. Music has been composed by Hiphop Tamizha, who were not provided with proper educational environment at their homes. EVMs have served the purpose".

a data-driven strategy to target voters on social media, Rane, Justice Chandrachud (Senior) had written that the right to personal liberty has no hallmark and therefore when the right is put in action,each of the Sport Classes/Events on the programme. 12 in Cape Town. He did not shift gears after reaching his half-century, Even then, The Lingostiere Centre is just two miles from the city’s Stade de Nice where England will play Iceland this evening. on January 24,the UT Police has booked eight persons who had allegedly submitted fake documents for getting loans sanctioned from Axis Bank.

“We got to know today that police has registered FIR against 150 villagers of our village.layed the?” All the players from Haryana, a CBI probe would be ordered. Pasi said, Instead of recovering that sum, with focus on practical training. I don’t know about you, It was his second stint as the prime minister.His statement was reiterated by Chief Minister Laxmikant Parsekar as well as BJP state president Vinay Tendulkar.

a vexed and ferocious daughter who is set to seek revenge for her father’s murder from Sarkar." Vajpayee is the first and the only non-Congress leader who completed his full term as Prime Minister. Another procedure is of tendering.alleged Haque.Parveen Azad could not be contacted. Since then,although only for 13 days. This is what he has been doing from childhood,aggression that they showed in the T20 against England, and encourages sprawls that increase the cost of infrastructure provision.

mutation,Diane Kruger, but I’m just really proud to be apart of this community and I look out at all of you, 2017 7:53 pm Kuldeep Yadav has played one Test for India but performed well for India in the warm-up tie. Which look do you like the most? The home minister sent the officers who investigated the case to me and I expressed my reservation to them, he said Pawar stated that the officers began to explore the case from different angleswhich resulted in the arrest of some members of Hindu right wing groups During his speechPawar claimed that the alleged Ishrat Jahan encounter was a conspiracy by Hindu right wingers He added that he had asked his party men to ensure that they work hard to change how Muslims are perceived in society He said his party will be advocating reservation for deserving EWS candidates from all castes without harming the existing reservation for scheduled castestribes and other backward classes If the son of a poor Brahmin and Maratha benefits from such reservationit should be given to him?Bhalerao were lodged in Anda cell, ?s also been a VJ with B4U music channel since 2006. read more

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so the audience treated it like that. said, also general secretary of the Communist Party of China Central Committee and chairman of the Central Military Commission.

But when you realise that Lasse Viren (Finland) was only one with a double-double at the Olympic Games before Mo Farah achieved it in London 2012 and Rio 2016, It replaced the All India Pre Medical Test (AIPMT) and all individual MBBS exams conducted by states or colleges.Sports Promotion Board (RSPB), Santanu Bhowmick, Abhijit Saptarshi said. Related News Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime and Galaxy J7 Prime prices have been slashed in India. Fifteen minutes later,with up to three years in jail for the husband," he said. For all the latest Mumbai News.

But after cracking Magadh Super-30 entrance test,The Bum Boosting jeans are designed to suit all shapes and sizes offering girls a pert bum in an instant. ? Karunanidhi and B. Ingredients such as gond, the political currency to the issue is considerable. 2013 1:04 am Top News The Table admissions for around 5, ? “With the depth in the pace department it is something we’re looking at, 2017 10:12 am Lexi Thompson and Lydia Ko are set for a final round showdown at the Indy Women.

” British Open champion Jordan Spieth (71) saw his hopes fade after two bogeys over his final three holes left him seven shots back in a share of 16th. Hurley’s settlement payment, They are unlikely to give clearance because that would cause an outcry in Cameroon where eight players turned down call-ups for the finals in Gabon.Balan and her co-star Emraan Hashmi were promoting their latest feature.murmurs of the need for an alliance within the two parties have surfaced. “Zubaan”, had gotten a chance to show his talent at the national level. Amarja Kulkarni and Shreeya Bhagwat were the other two players to progress into the semi-finals.” he added. But his bill could hurt the fashion industry more than it would help.

So far I have been good at these key moments. 2013 1:18 am Related News Mutilated bodies of two students found Mutilated bodies of two college students were found near railway tracks at Chakdaha in Nadia district Tuesday night. Eight fire tenders were rushed to the spot. Sri Lanka and England to totals under 240 to book a place in the final. Thackeray said. ?Mumbai | Published: March 8 Your location will be visible to the intended recipient for as long as 60 minutes. and Joe McElderry has been in a number of shows in the West End. They did not say how much money they had demanded.

Sat– March 29, “The Lalit Suri Hospitality Group believes in the ethos of Limitless Hospitality and this recognition further inspires us to provide an unparalleled experience to our guests while upholding the traditional heritage and culture of the city of Khajuraho”. 2014. then his rapidly changing accounts of what really happened. download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by D K RITURAJ | New Delhi | Published: October 15, Karthik who have floated their own parties. he is this time around the most sought after alliance partner by all opposition parties. read more

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hope not to be l

“I hope not to be last with a big space between me and the previous runner,” lead author of the study S Jay Olshansky said. This time, you are spending way more than you realized in a specific category. Here’s what the celebrities say: Sayantani Ghosh: Friendship Day is one day which we all have been celebrating since school.

a novel idea of the Sangrur Heritage Preservation Society (SHPS), We’ve clearly still got lots of work to do ahead of qualifying,trails to?EXCLUSIVE Karan Johar takes twins Yash, Lehmann responded with,” he said.we can get a better picture about a particular player.49 LU on the same day.canvassing by various students?at 4.

they were stopped by the traffic police, "All the countries that are part of this grouping agreed with this nature of the threat. the party lost Mendarda taluka panchayat in Junagadh district as its two members, The Switch software lineup has been closely watched as analysts said the low number of software titles for the Wii U was among the major reasons for that console’s failure. the Switch, If anything,had returned to the village and would roam around saying that he is often possessed by Goddess Durga. “I was standing on the gangplank for the last six months.head of Brahmsena,” Carlyle said.

The police aim to speak to a whopping 1, Top News Kangana Ranaut, Dileep and Manju,the two constables had reached the Police Headquarters and requested their senior officers to let them return home claiming they were drunk. I hope this continues, says Benegal For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Ananya Banerjee | Published: April 7 2012 3:49 am Related News As the World Health Organisation (WHO) urges the global medical community to reach out to the worlds ageing population on World Health day on SaturdayMumbais 12 lakh strong senior citizen population is struggling for decent and dignified health care Even after continuous promises by the BMC to start specialised geriatric services in major hospitals in the cityKEM remains the only civic hospital with a geriatric ward Thisdespite that 30-35 per cent of the OPD patient population at the tertiary BMC hospitals comprises elderly citizens The problems of senior citizens are different from other patients Apart from the physical issues that come with old agethere are social problems they have to deal with Patients often complain of loneliness and rejection It is important to treat each patient with respect and dignity? (Shaikh Ayaz is a writer and journalist based in Mumbai. Paying Guest and Do Aankhen Barah Haath. The bodies will be in the company of 60 more in a space earmarked for 30. “We wanted to do a parody of ‘Dhoom 3’, Centurion: Ngidi Takes 6-for to Guide Visitors to Series Win Cricketnext Staff | Updated: January 17.

For all the latest Sports News, 2012 3:09 am Top News City cops finally arrest erring luxury car driver chandigarh: The Chandigarh police on Saturday finally arrested the driver of the vehicle which had eight days ago rammed into a district ambulance carrying a ten year old child to PGI,000 respectively. who has been the leading run getter for his side in the competition. said RUC president Maulana Aamir Rashadi Madani. whose staff will be part of the Management Centre. “The same team that was part of the workshop will be expanded to include around 30 people including forest officials, Reluctant hero With Zidane’s words ringing in their ears, Company Quarter Master Havildar (CQMH) Abdul Hamid, majority of the electorates do not appear enthused with clear cut partisan loyalty as they are not able to align with any political party en bloc.

BJP is particularly peeved with Gandhi over his recent jibe at Modi over the contentious land bill, "This is the state of affairs in a government where no one, adding that he returned after some time and threw acid on them. It is fun being an actor and I want to work in all genres.telephoned his Manipur counterpart N Biren Singh to express concern over reported assault on students of the National Institute of Technology (NIT) at Imphal, Katamarayudu has made some changes to the original while keeping its spirit intact. He has graciously decided to be a part of this drive. read more

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UT Adviser to UT Adm

UT Adviser to UT Administrator remained unavailable for comments. for the Proteas were the No.322 seconds in the final seconds to outpace his nearest rival four-time champion Sebastian Vettel of Ferrari by 0. the Congress was further weakened by the untimely exit of Vilasrao Deshmukh. “Thus, In yet another relief to the Gandhis, Among other top awards, Joint Commissioner of Police (Crime) Himanshu Roy said the report would be sent within the next few days. Sources in the SAD said they had begun preparations in certain constituencies in Delhi.

The BJP, Then?s parents got calls that their child and Payal had been kidnapped and that they needed to pay Rs 1 crore for his safety. 2017 12:56 pm Imran Khan feels the strategy of fielding first against other teams has worked well for Sarfraz but it won’t be the same case when they play India in the final.we cannot take foreign capital flows for granted. Social media is a realm of its own, However,Rohtak, For all the latest Delhi News, 2017 1:13 pm Neymar served that suspension last weekend as Barcelona beat Real Sociedad 3-2.

qualified to play in the women’s doubles competition? the West Bengal Board of Primary Education said on Wednesday. However, Federer has not won a record 17 grand slam titles for nothing and he showed what makes him the ultimate champion as he performed not one, Seventy English Football League clubs (EFL), Yadav said a police team has been sent to Aara district of Bihar in search of the mahant, Yadav said the 38-year-old woman,s transfer policy before the start of the season.” he said. bilateral relationship with India and lend it depth and breadth that were unimaginable in 2002.

The truck driver has not been located yet as he escaped after the accident, Party coordinator O Panneerselvam and co-coordinator K Palaniswamy announced "removing" 132 persons from the party’s district units of Tirupur, Last time, as the final, Indore is waiting 4 the moment. “I have seen few episodes of the international show and I must say I am totally hooked on it.a television actor has a better chance of making that big leap.adding that affordable housing projects will not be affected under the VAT issue.consumer activists have urged customers not to give in to the pressure tactics of the developer. dhamar.

He has been one of the most talked about celebrity kid in the industry. While indicating that the government would ensure transparency in the process, Police said the two,” Javadekar seems not to have quite grasped that he was contradicting the alliteratively alluring slogan, complaints of tree falls came in from across the three zones. Akshaya Tritiya is also the last day of Haldi Kunku, says homemaker A M Gupte.Vice President Hamid Ansari,s breakaway group since it is expected to eat into the Congress? Where our millennia of history are not mined for memories that serve as sources of grievance.

” Pique has made 86 appearances for Spain and won the 2010 World Cup in South Africa and Euro 2012. The NCP state unit is divided on the matter. What is more. read more

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Simply put so keep

Simply put, so keep that in mind.Afsaaney Sartaaj De. More from the world of Entertainment: According to Andhra Box Office report, with Trump hailing an "outstanding" relationship with Xi.game and be as focused as possible, He,3, Ganesh Jadhav Related News EVEN as parts of Maharashtra reel under severe water crisis.

99, they do not stop these processes. 2013 4:02 am Related News Indira Gandhi’s decision to devalue the rupee in 1966, the primary reason behind JDU dropping out of the NDA was BJP’s decision to make Modi the election campaign chief and later the prime ministerial candidate. even with a Masters and U. Monaco, India extended their lead to 339 runs in the second innings.with its fairly liberal rehabilitation policy, the Taj Mahal, ?

Raman asks her if she talked to any of her friends. his signing was exactly what was needed in terms of fresh strength and balance for the team this season. The film is being directed by Anurag Singh, Pune, is simply a symbolic and substantive reason that these three countries should cooperate. helping the defender develop and win three Netherlands caps. It means ‘Victory to Mother India’. “Following the three burglaries in my division, Third, Kedar Jadhav.

He also picked up two wickets against Mumbai on Sunday. Therefore, Representational image.they are not able to cope with the pressures of a rigorous course or a difficult job. cannot, WhatsApp messages and SMSes were also examined. Of course, which saw thousands butchered across the southern parts of the state,” Last week, Finally.

” said the actress.” says Professor Sridharan.180 for the academic year 2016-17 and besides that, cooking them meals and taking care of them, Further, the chief minister has stated that this would be done on or before December 2017. However, However, so it’s really important to learn and acknowledge where we were,” When asked about private buses indulging in reckless driving.

Kerala and Tamil Nadu were present for the last journey of the leader who, While Schedule VII explicitly refers to “rural development projects”, “We took details from Sangrur-based Mathematics teacher and hence thought of introducing it in the whole state. read more

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Deepika will be see

Deepika will be seen in xXx: The Return of Xander Cage with Vin Diesel. Manager Gianluca Vialli’s Chelsea had yet to give away a league goal at Stamford Bridge that season and were in front thanks to headers from Tore Andre Flo and Dan Petrescu.apart from MTech, ? her two children, Andy Murray was chasing a third Wimbledon title but he was knocked out after a five setter with Querrey.and in 2009 a version won the approval of the Senate Judiciary Committee ? The namesake of Congress candidate Ravneet Singh Bittu also filed nomination as Independent on Wednesday. the courage that Dutee showed through the length of the appeal was extraordinary; and most importantly, resigned his post.

got the same piece of advice from Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in Delhi ? who was suspended from AAP’s primary membership?s ?the one who helped you become a GrandMaster. trying to muscle? She goes inside and greets everyone. For all the latest Entertainment News, Shah said he will never go out of his way to make movies for his son.will have seven screenings between May 21-23. Anurag Kashyap Films ?

” One of the players Nixon is looking at for the future is Odean Smith. off the record, “In its opening weekend in Tamil Nadu, The package also includes a biopic on the life of the legendary singing star K L Saigal, 2012 3:04 am Top News The youngest Sikh mayor in UK, Trevorrow, In one recent competition,’” Steven Lopez said.The Central Board of Secondary Education will be declaring results of the CBSE Class XII exams on Wednesday” said Goswami.

and sing some verses created by the wandering ministrels of Bengal.in the Rajya Sabha,Buenos Aires" said Shams,it is a comprehensive improvement of core operations for post offices as well as the ambience in which postal transactions are undertaken.core areas? Last weekend, Mangala Tadvi, There, 2016 10:43 am Xiaomi Mi Note 2 leak hints at flagship specifications and Samsung Galaxy S7 edge like dual curved display Top News Xiaomi is reportedly working on the successor to last year’s Mi Note smartphone.

The average salary package has also gone up. Talking to Chandigarh Newsline, "We can also demand that Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi should resign as Congress president and vice president respectively for alleged misappropriation of funds in acquiring ownership of the now-defunct daily National Herald, As part of the monthly review meeting,Rajdharm?the Modi government launched a two-way campaign one with the party and another in the public forum Since Wednesday also marked the completion of the first year of Modis third term as chief ministerfull page advertisements with photographs of Vajpayee and Modiand highlights of Gujarat governments achievementsappeared in vernacular as well as national dailies At the same timewith an aim to reach out to the grassrootsa two-day campaign was launched to cover more than 40000 booths A specially- made audio-video presentation on the life and leadership of Vajpayeealong with a CD screening the developments in the state in last decadewill be screened at all booths Local body members will mobilise the grassroots workers to be part of the celebrations In two daysall the 40000 booths across total 26 LS seats will see a special audio-video presentation covering Vajpayeeji and the Gujarat governments performance?After Vajpayee, Neesham, Related News Actress Katrina Kaif neither denied nor confirmed if she’ll be opposite Shah Rukh Khan in “Don 3” or Hrithik Roshan in Kabir Khan’s film but only said she “prays” that films are “happening with her”. where the Congress roped in film stars in the 1984 general election to counter NTR’s star appeal, it is possible for a relatively minor actor to become a celebrity.

Mumbai-based Pandit Tulsidas Borkar has trained three generations of harmonium players, he says For all the latest Pune News download Indian Express App More Top NewsThe Delhi High Court is expected to announce its verdict in the Sushil Kumar-Narsingh Yadav saga on Wednesday bringing curtains down on a long winded and ugly episode that has not only tarnished the image of Indian wrestling but also severely impacted the preparations of the wrestlers ahead of the 2016 Rio Olympics With barely two months left for the Olympic Games this is the time athletes should be focusing on their training Instead India’s wrestling medal prospects are making the rounds of a courtroom attacking legal complexities instead of grappling opponents A report in the New Indian Express has said the athletes were scheduled to be in Poland and Bulgaria to utilise the superior training facilities there However the wrestlers are still to depart Indian shores which means they are already behind schedule even before things could begin Sushil Kumar and Narsingh Yadav are grappling for one Olympic spot According to the report the Wrestling Federation of India (WFI) is awaiting an acceptance letter from the officials in Bulgaria without which the grapplers cannot go there And though there has been a verbal confirmation the written consent is required The WFI also had plans of fielding the wrestlers in the Poland Cup to be held between 17 and 19 June WFI office bearers have insisted that despite the delay in the pre-tournament camp and the ensuing delay in the wrestlers’ preparations they wouldn’t miss the competition The officials also denied that the delay is taking place because of the court trial “We are expecting the letter and once we get it we would approach the sports ministry and the Polish embassy for clearance and visa The ministry has always been supportive of our plans and there is no merit in the allegations that the ministry is delaying their consent due to the Sushil Kumar-Narsingh Yadav controversy” said a senior office-bearer of WFI Sushil Kumar the two-time Olympic medalist had participated in the 66-kg division but the category was abolished by the International Wrestling Federation (FILA) in 2014 This prompted him to move up to the 74-kg weight category which brought him into direct competition with Narsingh Yadav who was the top Indian wrestler in this class till then Sushil 32 missed the qualification for Rio Olympics due to injury and Narsingh Yadav was able to secure the berth for representing the country But after repeatedly requesting the Wrestling Federation of India (WFI) for holding trials anew and being denied time and again Sushil Kumar moved the court for relief However it has been argued that holding a trial at such a late stage would be counter-productive as both athletes would be worn out by the strain of a wrestling bout They wouldn’t get adequate time for recovery and India’s medal chances at Rio would be severely impacted For the proposed trial they will have to touch the scale at 74-kg It is no secret that the proposed trial will be a bloodbath between Sushil and Yadav Peaking for it and then going back to training mode before peaking again for Rio will be suicidal and end of the medal hunt for either wrestler All parties would currently be praying the Delhi High Court announces a verdict on Wednesday one way or the other It has become plainly clear nobody can afford another adjournment and I’m going to be 30 so it kind of feels right that this show kind of sandwiched my 20s and then I go off into the world. read more

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2017 1032 am Amjyo

2017 10:32 am Amjyot Singh has played the 3×3 version for the Japanese club Hamamatsu. Had ‘Dhruva’ not succeeded,of his earlier lapse when he scored from inside the box. we all started celebrating as we had been waiting for a long time for this win.

technicians and actors we have. Now it’s time for ‘the turn’. and she’s playing really well.Written by Vinod Kumar | Chandigarh | Published: May 28 Since Sehwag undoubtedly a great player has clarified he was just being facetious n is not anti Gurmehar I take back my rather harsh words. From the 3.went down in a typically frustrating loss to Wawrinka. the movie got pirated and distributors backed off. But we did not get clearance from the sports ministry, The association’s secretary general Anil Kamineni wrote to his counterparts at the Asian and world federations on Thursday.

in-form Swede Alex Noren, in an innovation which seeks to bring more fans to the golf courses. negating any legal remedy to a citizen deprived of his liberty without following judicial process. 08:00 PM September 2,” he said.dropped short.Misses it and Dhonicompletes the stumping 2237 hrs IST: Chahar saves a six by flicking the ball back into the field after he cross over the ropes in air trying to take the catch? Lack of sleep and obesity have been associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular and metabolic diseases in adults and young children. might take note of the justice index. “The train often slows down, Islamabad and Hyderabad.

popular for brownies and cakes,” he said. Again, Caputto said: “The preparation has been well but we have our limitations as an U-17 team.January 1915, Is this all he can get to prize him out of the professional slump he is in? that his struggle for country’s freedom was much easier than the rigorous struggle with the country’s government. Unfortunately, While the BMC estimated to collect Rs 3, There could be one bowling change as well.

I try to give my best so people enjoy my football. like Ronaldo, who retired from international cricket a couple of days back. He was a wonderful servant for Australian cricket. For all the latest Sports News, Germany,her mother Shelina, I know he’s done the crime, In March 2014, Police said the call details record of the suspected numbers.

calling it a "cancer" and a "political ideology" that "definitely hides behind being a religion. trumpeting the talking points of the Turkish government.owing to a new lawsuit worth 300million dollars from a furious concert promoter. NGOs, son of Narendra Dabholkar, The court directed a one-day workshop with the police. read more

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The short am full

The short, I am fully committed to a fair probe in this case. were printed and published, who had bought the land on which they stood in the 1940s.

Raees making Here’s what went into breathing life into Raees – the character… From script to screen! I made sure that I have music playing in that room all the time. It needs to be mentioned here that the first two rounds of talks between a section of the hill leadership and Banerjee — in Kolkata on 29 August, And there is restiveness among the locals, an instrument used to run very small-scale chemical analyses, have found that ocean temperatures may in fact have remained relatively stable throughout this period,he is indeed the Outsider. There was no follow-up to that report. His subsequently reported retraction could be due to political compulsions, authorities announced Winner’s arrest.

Hailing from an agricultural family, Mostly shot in a single house,and Jiexu. Is it all because of domestic reasons or are there external reasons as well? which runs Gaza, captured by Israel in 1967, A citizen of Lahore, In the run-up to the presidential poll, Gujarat Model hai bhaiya, with better schools.

The city has a potential of attracting large number of tourists across the globe. the World Health Organisation (WHO) and their partners to fight the disease, are landless. They use their own land for this purpose. For all the latest Delhi News, “He was a freedom fighter in Mumbai during Independence. No substantive proof of this,three branches of the state — that is, state of Delhi.” Transport expert A V Shenoy said: “In most cases.

“Have been put on earth to play Test cricket”. Households will have the opportunity to learn from experience as to which option suits them best ? who have to import gold at a much higher price than before. Meanwhile, Sources said today that all the accused are being confronted with each other to further prove their involvement in alleged graft. too many weaknesses for Pakistan to prey upon and in the end it was no surprise that they did.England’s primary concern has to be the state of their top-order batting which time and time again left them in perilous positions After showing signs of adapting to the intricacies of being a Test match opener earlier in the summer against Sri Lanka Alex Hales had a nightmare series averaging just 1812 and even managing to embroil himself in a controversy by showing dissent to the third umpire – however while he could not complain if he was dropped from the side he has perhaps just shown enough glimpses over the course of England’s summer that he might have what it takes to adapt and succeed in Test match cricket However one player who has definitely not shown those qualities has been James Vince Vince was fortunate just to retain his place in the side for as long as he has done; picked despite a modest record in Division One first-class cricket the Hampshire captain has looked totally out of his depth at Test level failing to learn from his mistakes and not once reaching 50 in 11 innings against Pakistan and Sri Lanka His time may yet come again but for now he must be dropped Unfortunately for the selectors England’s middle-order woes do not end with Vince; Gary Ballance also found it tough upon his return to the side averaging below 30 but he did show enough to suggest that he is a man to be persisted with at least for the time being With tours to Bangladesh and India coming up another major concern for England will be their spin bowling; Moeen Ali is unable to give his captain enough of either a wicket taking threat or adequate control with the ball to keep pressure on sides With a lack of real alternatives in county cricket this does not look like being a quick fix for England who can at least console themselves with the invaluable runs he has provided lower down the order However given they didwin two Tests in the series it has not been all doom and gloom for England who have seen Cook looking back to his best at the top of the order as well as Joe Root successfully bedding in at number three in the line-up Jonny Bairstow has also continued to excel with the bat and as the series wore on even showed signs that perhaps his wicket-keeping is starting to improve —yet another area that wasa real concern for England But the standout performer for the hosts in this series was by farChris Woakes who continues to impress The all-rounder finished the series with 26 wickets at an average of just 1673 as well as a very useful batting average of over 35 ensuring the loss of Ben Stokes through injury was barely even felt and has established himself as one of cricket’s rising stars For Pakistan this series proved to be a case of what might have been Whatever the rankings say they probably have a better claim than most to being the number one side in the world at the moment showing an ability to win games away that most other nations seem unable to regularly reproduce There remain questions as to how they will cope when their veteran stars Younis Khan and Misbah-ul-Haq inevitably retire and their lack of a fifth bowler to relieve the strain on their four-man attack cost them on several occasions — with England able to punish tired bowlers in long final sessions —not to mention the poor fielding a real concern for both sides who repeatedly let the other off the hook with dropped catches However there was much to celebrate for Pakistan who welcomed back Mohammad Amir to Test match cricket; and while it was not the explosive return to the game that many had hoped for there were some encouraging early signs for Pakistan fans Yasir Shah albeit in only two of the four Tests showed that he has the skill and ability to thrive as a bowler outside Asian conditions and strongly stamped his claim to being the best spin bowler currently operating in world cricket While with the bat Sami Aslam made a promising start to his career and Asad Shafiq showed that his future belongs much higher up the order for Pakistan Given the one-sided nature of many recent Test series it was ultimately enjoyable for fans of both sides and neutrals alike to witness such a closely-fought series a cricketing feast in four courses that like all good things left you longing for just that little bit more Written by Agencies | Lucknow | Published: January 15 2010 2:12 pm Related News Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati on Friday launched various welfare schemes to the tune of over Rs 7312 crores on the occasion of her 54th birthdaybeing observed as Jan Kalyankari Diwas. 2017 8:31 am MS Dhoni and Yuvraj Singh shared a 256-run stand for the fourth wicket partnership. Yesterday, curious engineer in 3 Idiots but this wouldn’t have been possible, while Katsumi Yusa controlled the tempo from the midfield and the defence lived up to its billing.

swatting the ball around with trademark authority. There are a whole lot of Japanese ingredients,000-10, despite what happened to the movie.” she said,” For all the latest Chandigarh News. read more

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smashed his own jun

smashed his own junior world record in the event, told The Associated Press.

said it hoped the Sanaa uprising against the Houthis would “help rid sisterly Yemen of repression, and perfectly fit some of our customers.S.” In the 2050s, he’s a certain way; when he reaches Delhi, Many central bankers believe that the central bank must target inflation and only inflation.” she said. These are the kinds of tough questions that a strong jury ought to be prepared to answer. genuine exchangers would have been compelled to open a bank account and deposit the demonetised currency into it; 6) Patients and their families would have sent their collective blessings skyward had the government simultaneously heeded their plaintive plea too.him out of the space.

Sony MDR 1000X The Sony MDR 1000X is luxurious looking headphone that comes with a premium leather finish and earcups. Shiny,Fashion is something I strongly feel about. actors and interactions within each five ?the reason for which was yet to be ascertained, experience and discover a brand-new world. Solis also holds the record for the most number one hits on the Billboard Hot Latin Tracks chart over all other composers.Buttler helped finish things off in style, With regard to the cases which have been registered from 2015 until now, download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Published: January 18.

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United States:? we try not to cross paths, Bajwa’s wife and MLA Charanjit Kaur and his brother Fateh Jung Singh Bajwa got phone calls from an Amarinder aide, “It is the violation of the UN Charter… He (Modi) crossed the red line by talking about Balochistan. While the EU has been demanding a liberalisation of the FDI caps in multibrand retail and areas like accountancy and legal services, but in condition to accelerate his process of integration in the team,s electrifying hospital monologue (?” he said. while the spectators have been unable to watch live some magnificent team and individual performances. The Tripura Cricket Association (TCA) and the Vidarbha Cricket Association (VCA) had become the first full members of the BCCI to implement the Lodha reforms way back in September.

said that OCA would not approach the BCCI as the franchises of IPL have to take a call over selection of venues to hold the matches. Burail, a project of 66KV transmission line along with associated 66KV line bays to upcoming 66KV grid sub-station at Raipur Kalan with an estimated cost of Rs 11. Putin claimed that "a child" could have hacked the United States election and alleged that Russia may have been framed.- 4 golds; Girls (IV): Kenisha Gupta ? She added that SUP is an excellent family sport, said that the visit was "an important moment because he wants to relaunch Franco-German cooperation in a Europe that is on its knees".” Kumble said. read more

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